The Deep Spirits Community

Why join?

Why can guests not read everything in the forums?

While the Deep Spirits community was formerly completely open to the public, we came to the realization that this was unfair to its members. In the Deep Spirits forums we share as you would (or may) with friends or people you are willing to align yourself with, or get to know genuinely. By it being a public forum, it added a "shop window dimension" to this sharing, as if all of us willing to open up are parading around for the public at large. That seems quite unnecessary.

The Deep Spirits' slogan is While some run in circles, deep spirits need to connect.. Our community and forums are simply the means for connecting. In order to allow guests to get an idea of the talks in the DS forums prior to registering, we have set it up so they can still see the opening posts in most areas. Some forums are for members only, simply because they are more personal.

Invitations to Deep Spirits by various deep spirits

Is the site itself different for members?

Throughout the Deep Spirits website members, who are logged in, can see various connections between the page they are on and the forum. For example, if you are on the Agnosticism page and you are not a member, then the page ends with the quote by the Greek philosopher Protagoras. If you are logged in, then there are additional related links/connections that you may want to explore. Such connections exist on various pages across the website, but can only be seen by logged in members.

You should know...

We are not into collecting people or members like stamps. If you sign up to taste the waters, but never participate, then your account may be deleted after a certain period of time. Inactive accounts will be purged periodically, at random intervals.

Deep Spirits is not a social networking website, and we don't pride ourselves in attracting millions of "users", nor do we particularly strive to appease the masses. It is a website that respectfully stretches the mind, in a quest for truth and beauty in everyday life. Topics of interest include spirituality, philosophy, psychology, mysticism, words and language, the arts, and many others.

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