Discovering Spirituality

Paths to the Truth

True personal enlightenment begins with knowledge. When it comes to spiritual knowledge and spirituality, the problem is that there are so many spiritual approaches, that if you were to start digging in an attempt to absorb all of them, your head would probably start spinning.
We thought of presenting an overview, but there are other websites for that (e.g. encyclopedias).

Instead, how could all the world-wide spiritual approaches be categorized? This is what we came up with:

1. The 2 Extremes

What makes them extremes

While many atheists and theists may and verily do happily co-exist, there are also radicals or fundamentalists to be found on both sides.

2. Alternatives

Why they are interesting

Most of these alternative spiritual approaches include a belief in "God" of some sort, but the existence of God is explained through reason or philosophy. They also don't come with a predefined set of doctrines, teachings or limitations. Some philosophical systems like Confucianism or Taoism could possibly be included here as well, as they are not considered to be religions by most people.

What is Mysticism

There is a vast multitude of mystical approaches or spiritual teachings. Take any continent, take any culture, and you will find a great number of spiritual traditions. However, what is truly appealing about mysticism is that it is an almost universal concept which unites most spiritual approaches in the quest to connect with the spirit. Mysticism summarizes the beliefs and ideas of mystics and it includes mystical knowledge. This knowledge also introduces rituals or practices to achieve the "connection".

True personal enlightenment begins with knowledge. Get inspired.. inspire others..