Quick reference

credo - (latin) a guiding principle, or a set of fundamental beliefs, similar to a mission statement.

ideography - the use of ideograms.

ideogram - a written symbol that represents an idea or object directly rather than a particular word or speech sound.

The Symbol of Deep Spirits

The Deep Spirits symbol

Ancient & Beautiful

The illustrated animation (see above) of the basic idea behind Deep Spirits forms an ancient symbol when it is completed.
An ideogram which was apparently used in every culture on earth!

The Deep Spirits Project

Believe it or not, but the animation was not created with this intent.
It was simply meant to illustrate the Deep Spirits credo:

"While some run in circles, deep spirits need to connect."

The coincidence that it just happens to form an ancient as well as cross-cultural symbol, and also what all that symbol has represented in the past, well... that was just an added bonus.

The Meaning of the The Deep Spirits symbol Symbol

Traditionally this ideogram has most commonly symbolized the sun or similar.

  • In a meteorological system it can mean sunshine.
  • In alchemy it means gold.
  • In 19th century chemistry it represented hydrogen.
  • On nautical charts it is used for high structures in general, that are visible from the sea.
  • In Western ideography the scholars of the Middle Ages confused the roles of the earth and the sun in the galaxy, so this symbol came to represent the earth surrounded by the great ocean.
  • In modern ideography, if it is not used to represent the sun or gold, then it most commonly indicates the center.
  • Swedish boyscouts use it as a symbol that they went home (the home being the child's center).
  • In astrology it is the creative spark of divine consciousness, that exists in every individual connecting them to the source, hence making them the co-creator of the world.
  • In astrological psychology it represents a person's life energy. This energy is, according to astrologers, colored by the Zodiac sign the moment a person is born.
  • In Kabbalism the ideogram was used to represent archangel Michael, as he was related to the sun and the corresponding day (Sunday).
  • In Hindiusm it stands for the spiritual merging of the masculine and the feminine. The dot in the center, called bindu, is the masculine spark (of life) within the female womb (circle).
  • In the body this symbol represents the heart, the blood circulation & the backbone.
  • In Deep Spirits it symbolizes the connecting of kindred spirits who share a similar quest, of truth, beauty and wisdom, as well as the spirit of exploration.