Contemporary Reasoning in an Increasingly Unreal World

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Literally speaking, phantasmagoria is a shifting series of deceptive appearances or illusions, usually either created by a dream or by imagination. Picture dissolving, transforming figures, increasing and diminishing in size, magical and grotesque at the same time. Something that you could see in a dream or perhaps as a product of your imagination.

Now what if life shifts to such an extreme that the essence begins to seem phantasmagoric? If the essence is a grotesque seeming illusion, or a fool's paradise, then what is reality? Where are we within this reality? Or are we living in an age of mass-paramnesia?

Observing the facts and premises we form judgments or conclusions. That process is called reasoning, and it is that kind of reasoning that this section of Deep Spirits is dedicated to. Contemporary reasoning by various deep spirits. The topic, in one word, is Phantasmagoria.