Travel Preferences

Paths and Choices

The journey you are about to embark on
has the potential to be long and intruiging.

There are 3 paths in front of you...
3 ways to explore your present virtual destination.

1. Selective Shortcut

If you arrived here looking for something specific, use the site search feature to find it...

PS: You can use this shortcut method at any point by clicking the "Site search" button at the top of any page.

Comparable travel styles: skipping, driving

2. The Destiny Jump

If you feel like exploring, but are either not sure where to start, or are curious as to where your destiny would take you, use the 'destiny jump' feature:

Show me my destiny!

PS: You can keep jumping like this whenever you would like by using the "Destiny jump" button at the top of any page.

Comparable travel styles: jumping, leaping, flying

3. Explorer Style

If you are not looking for anything too specific, but don't feel like leaving it all up to fate or destiny, then there is still the good old step by step manual exploration, guided by personal choice. Look, choose, click, look, read, think, learn, question, explore, explore deeper, etc. If this is your preferred method of surfing, you probably know how it goes...

Comparable travel styles: walking, exploring, perusing, wandering

Bon voyage!