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Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, without the addition of sugars, acids or other nutrients. It has a rich, ancient history and is rightfully even today one of the most famous and finest natural drinks in the world.

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Real-life Facts about its Naturally Magical Power

Health Benefits of Wine

Since wine is an alcoholic drink, it is important to understand that, when health benefits are outlined, it refers to light or moderate wine consumption. Also, in order to properly savor wine, drink it slowly.

Health Benefit of Wine Moderate wine consumption reduces macular degeneration, which occurs with age and impairs vision.

Health Benefit of Wine Wine, paired with food, encourages less food consumption.

Health Benefit of Wine Moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of heart disease. Heavy drinkers, on the other hand, are more likely to have heart problems. The benefits can be observed with any wine, but especially with red, and even more so with red wine from the south of France or from Sardinia in Italy.
This is likely due to the higher levels of procyanidins in those wines.

Health Benefit of Wine Both wines, red and white, have anti-bacterial agents.

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