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Lemonade rejuvenates the body. The healthiest variation would be unsweetened lemonade, so basically lemon water. As such, you could and should drink it all day long. It is a nutritional cleanser that refreshes the body at the cellular level. Those who are allergic to sulfides should use organically grown lemons.

The Lemonade scene from "Lawrence of Arabia"

Real-life Facts about its Naturally Magical Power

Health Benefits of Lemonade

Health Benefit of Lemonade Although lemons are acidic, they help alkalize the blood in our body.

Health Benefit of Lemonade Lemonade relieves asthma symptoms.

Health Benefit of Lemonade Lemonade helps a sore throat.

Health Benefit of Lemonade Lemonade improves digestion and helps the body get rid of gallstones.

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