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Cocoa and chocolate are the beverage of the Mayas and the Aztecs. By the 17th century they spread to Europe and became quite fashionable. The main difference between cacao and chocolate is that chocolate still contains the cocoa butter and is therefore fattier.

A scene from Chocolat, in which Vianne Rocher opens her Chocolate Shop in a small french village.

Real-life Facts about its Naturally Magical Power

Health Benefits of Cocoa

Health Benefit of Cocoa Cocoa solids contain alkaloids that are linked to serotonin in the brain causing happy psychological affects.

Health Benefit of Cocoa Moderate use of cocoa and chocolate can lower the blood pressure.

Health Benefit of Cocoa High level of flavanoids in dark chocolate and raw cocoa have beneficial cardiovascular effects. A regular cup of cacoa dramatically reduces cardiovascular mortality.

Health Benefit of Cocoa A cup of cocoa, especially a warm one, is very rich in antioxidants (more than wine or tea) and therefore benefits and protects the heart.

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