The Eclectic Nature Guide

Natural World

In one word, the Natural World section is dedicated to nature.
That includes the knowledge of nature and natural products, as well as the discovery of nature's beauty. Survival in nature, information on plants and wildlife, as well as a life in harmony with nature.

Herbalist's Essentials

A glossary and quick guide to herbalism & natural medicine.
Diseases and treatments, healing plants, images, folk remedies, etc.

Simple and natural cures: Learn nature's secrets!

Special Potions

Not only natural, which they undoubtedly are, these potions are actually well established and well known drinks all over the world. Find out more about their magic & their benefits.
+ Funky extras for each potion!

Common yet extra-ordinary: Rediscover these alluring drinks

Beautiful Photographs

A wild mix of natural beauty.


Share thoughts and discuss ideas on making the idea of Utopian society a reality: Utopia forum

Knowing Nature

Knowing Nature
Discover Ryan's collection of articles, on plants, animals and more, in the Knowing Nature forum

Natural Healing

Natural Healing
Share your stories, tips, rituals, techniques or ask questions in the Natural Healing forum

Gifts of Nature

Nature Talks
Share your knowledge of herbs and spices or find old and new applications in the Gifts of Nature forum

Get inspired.. because nature rocks!