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Why you should familiarize yourself with psychology

Psychology is literally the study of the soul, or of the mind. Already by definition psychology is something that concerns everyone and not only a selected few.

Knowledge of psychology can help you find and understand connections between your childhood and your current self, so that by placing everything in the right perspective you can heal, if and where needed, and move on properly, without surpressing or burying anything. Moving towards a better and a higher self with awareness and strength. Understanding your parents and their life, for instance, will help you understand their choices, right or wrong. The point is not to assign blame, but simply to understand.

Why do I need to understand? Can't I just forgive?

Sure, you can just forgive, but consider this. Almost anyone will agree that it is important to forgive, but while forgiveness is "nice", in reality most people tend to put things under the carpet rather than genuinely understand. True forgiveness can only come through understanding.

So it's just about the childhood?

Not at all. Your childhood is your early life, the first experiences. When you have properly processed that part of your life you move on to the others.

The fear factor

Understanding the potential dangers that come with life and society is not something that is meant to scare you or freak you out in any way. Quite the opposite. When you know what to pay attention to, arming yourself with knowledge, your mind becomes more powerful and you sharpen your abilities to recognize patterns of behavior. Let's take brainwashing. That sounds like a pretty serious thing, and indeed it is. But, if you have no idea how it is done, how will you know when it is being done to you? It does not begin with the line "We shall now brainwash you..."

Psychology tackles this sensitive topic and provides answers. Reading the right books helps as well.

The in-between

Understanding the early events of your life and understanding brainwashing are simply two points taken out of the whole. They are merely examples of what all psychology can help you with. In-between them you'll find a wide range of topics and information. You don't have to know it all, but the more you understand about the human mind, the better you will understand not only yourself, but also the people around you.

Ideally, every child or teenager on Earth should, at some point, learn about psychology. While that is currently a common practice in many European schools, it is not yet a world-wide custom. One of the pluses of the internet is the wealth of available information, so regardless of your age, and regardless of your origin or current residence, you have the possibility to educate yourself. The mission of Deep Spirits is to help everyone with this endeavor, so take advantage of the section on psychology and the human mind and (re)discover yourself!

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