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Animated Short Movies

Movie shorts, or short animations are a unique form of art, which can inspire and enlighten just like any other art form. Sometimes even more so. Here is a selection of inspiring, or for some reason amazing animated short movies, here shown in their original full length.

If you think there is a short animated movie that should be added, let us know which, and why.
The below movies are not sorted in any particular order.

French Toast Play French Toast
Written and directed by Fabrice O. Joubert
The Lady and the Reaper Play The Lady and the Reaper
Written and directed by Javier Recio Gracia
Get Out Play Get Out
By Charlotte Boisson, Julien Fourvel, Pascal Han-Kwan, Tristan Reinarz and Fanny Roche
Granny O'Grimm Play Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
Directed by Nicky Phelan, produced by Brown Bag Films
Oktapodi Play Oktapodi
By Julien Bocabeille, Francois-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier and Emud Mokhberi
Big Buck Bunny Play Big Buck Bunny
Created by the Peach Open Movie project
Life Line Play Life Line
Created by Tomek Ducki
The Cathedral Play The Cathedral
Created by Tomek Baginski
Father and Daughter Play Father and Daughter
Created by Michael Dudok de Wit
Ryan Play Ryan
Created by Chris Landreth
Preguntas Hermosas Play Preguntas Hermosas
A Süperfad production. Directed by David Viau, narrated by Gabriel Puerto. Adapted from poems by Pablo Neruda and Carl Sandburg.
The Saga Of Biorn Play The Saga Of Biorn
A film by B. J. Kousholt, D. D. Christensen, M. L. Christensen, J. A. Jensen, J. K. Doctor, S. Lyhne, P. Orum-Nielsen, F. Bjerre-Poulsen, J. Georgakakis.
Lightheaded Play Lightheaded
A film by Mike Dacko. Music by Thievery Corporation.
The Cat Piano Play The Cat Piano
Directed by Eddie White & Ari Gibson, poem written by Eddie White. Narrated by Nick Cave.
Alma Play Alma
Written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas
HolyMonks Play HolyMonks
Created by DigitalRebel
Les Dangereux Play Les Dangereux
Created by Daniel Klug
En Tus Brazos Play En Tus Brazos
Directed by Francois-Xavier Goby, Edouard Jouret and Matthieu Landour
The Nightingale Play The Nightingale
Based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen. Adapted by Gareth Williams
A Gentlemen's Duel Play A Gentlemen's Duel
Created by Blur Studio
Geri's Game Play Geri's Game
Created by Pixar
The Passenger PlayThe Passenger
Created by Chris Jones
Kiwi Play Kiwi
Created by Dony Permedi
Sebastian's Voodoo Play Sebastian's Voodoo
Created by Joaquin Baldwin

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