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From us to You!

Personal invitations from various members of Deep Spirits.

When I bumped into this site, I didn't know it was going to give me as much as it did and still does. It is a garden for cultivating the most gorgeous plant there is to find - the flower we call Human Thought. It's gardening equipment includes a tap with the best quality water of Knowledge, and with the help of it's digging tools you will find it easy to get to the roots of Truth found Deep under the Flower we all grow. Add a little Enlightenment and your Spirit will never ever hunger again. The suffocating weed of Deception has no place here, we know the best of ways to take care of it!

I was attracted to the idea of Deep Spirit to collect unified knowledge and ideas. To become one of gatherers of ancient wisdom was very inspiring for me. The idea to make an impact as a group of kindred souls seemed also very appealing to me. Besides, I loved the design of Deep Spirits as it corresponded to that what DS declared to stand for as well as to my emotional being.
But, the development of Deep Spirits has surpassed all my expectations. It became my soul's oasis where I found many kindred spirits with whom I can talk about everything, motivated to learn more and inspired to give myself as much as I can. Great place to be self. It became my coffee, my meditation, and place to meet dear friends and hear wise things from them, my learning and my personal growth.


Welcome to DS, if you are viewing the site with an interest in taking part......please pop in and say hello!

Come one, come all... don't be shy,
Step right up! Be you gal or guy!
Open your chest and pour out your moths!
Just take part in the wild array of talks.
Explore the under growths from beneath your feet,
Pull up a stool and prop up your feet.
There's magic in the nooks in places all around,
All kinds of things to be discovered, the trivial and profound!


Finally a place where I don't feel like an outsider. A place with like minded people who know, and are searching for deeper meaning to life other than the standard (religious) text books they hand out in each culture. I have been alone, not lonely, but alone with ideas and no one to bounce them off of to see if they have validity or practicality.
I have met no one in Ohio who can identify with being the observer of thoughts, and know that thought is not necessarily you, but a condition one has developed over time through the influence of parents, society, teachers and so on.
Within my first week I met someone who could relate to just that. I am very grateful for this site as it has given me the confidence to solidify some existing ideas, rethink other ideas, and be introduced to new ones. Which has ultimately led me to practice them with greater frequency knowing there are others out there trying as well.


I have discovered a forum that is sincerely helping me to re-discover a heightened sense of consciousness that is utterly magical.
It is a fabulous place to dig deep within the mind to learn, be creative, cultivate friendships, and for those who desire an experience that is truly unique and like no other.
I have found a sense of interrelatedness here on Deep Spirits that has been curative in restoring my equilibrium.


In "Deep Spirits" I have found an oasis where I can enjoy the pure water of wisdom, the shade and protection of privacy and the company of open-minded friends.
Just perfect in a "wild, wild world."


Join us!