Deep Spirits is dedicated to the collecting and preserving of the universal wisdom of our world. This wisdom can be contained in philosophy, in mysticism, in religious and new age texts, in ancient stories and fairy tales. We are not selective in regards to the sources, only their meaning and message matter.

Anything that we, as a group, consider to be a source of wisdom or otherwise important for humankind, we will gather and present to you here.
Imagine 'Deep Spirits' as a large mystical library full of treasures.. ancient relics and new discoveries, both can be equally exciting.

One of the greatest minds of all time, Leo Tolstoy, said:
"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."

The sole meaning of Deep Spirits is to serve humanity, by gathering & sharing
the best of humanity, all of its collected beauty and wisdom.

We hope you enjoy the journey..

Target audience

Free thinkers, mind explorers, spiritual people (by whatever definition of the word 'spirituality'), teachers, students, avid readers, truth seekers


Quick reference

pansophy - universal wisdom or knowledge

collective unconscious - a part of the unconscious mind which is, according to Jungian psychology, shared by a society, or all humankind, or is the product of ancestral experience and containing concepts such as science, religion, and morality.

atheneum - an institution for support of literary or scientific learning, a library or reading room.

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The Idea behind 'Deep Spirits'

We are gatherers of ancient wisdom. Collectors of the unified knowledge and ideas. Antiquarians of pansophy.

The Deep Spirits Project

The larger picture

We as individuals are not, nor ever will be truly omniscient, but 'Deep Spirits' as an institution can. As such it can be the source of inspiration for every scholar, every truth seeker and every spiritual adventurer out there.

It is the place to freely browse through the wisdom of all ages. Explore the human mind via its creations throughout the centuries and millenias, including today's knowledge, ideas and discoveries.

Tomb Raider

The collective unconscious holds the key to all life's mysteries. Its exploration is an adventure and a mystery in itself.

Picture the 'Tomb Raider' adventure game, short of the rock climbing and other action sequences.
We think of 'Deep Spirits' as a cross-cultural atheneum & a playground combined.

How You can help

There are many ways in which you can help the 'Deep Spirits' project.

  • Deep Spirits Bazar
    The bazar is our online shop, powered by Amazon. Currently you can select between an, or shop. By purchasing books, movies or music in DS bazar you pay exactly the same price as you would when shopping directly from Amazon, except in this case Deep Spirits receives a small percentage of your purchase back from Amazon.

  • Writers neededWriters
    If you are a writer or have appropriate talents, you can write for Deep Spirits. With as many different subjects as we are working on at any given time, we are always in need of good writers.

  • Moderators neededModerators
    The forums cover a wide range of topics. Responsible moderators are very welcome.
    If you are interested to contribute in this way, please send us a private message (forum login necessary for PM).

  • Materials neededMaterials
    If you have access to rare or important materials, or something you think would fit the Deep Spirits website and mission, please let us know what it is and how you intend to share it with us.

  • Participate in the ForumsCommunity
    Participation in the Deep Spirits forums is another form of support. Forum registration is free, as everything else in DS. If you are not sure whether to become a member, find out more here.