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Mah Jong Solitaire

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Game Background

Mah Jong, also called Mah Jongg or Mahjong, is a game of Chinese origin. The game involves skill, strategy, calculation, and some chance, and is usually played by three or four players. The version available online and played by only one player is called "Mah Jong Soliatire". It also goes by the name "Shanghai Solitaire" or "The Turtle".

About the DS Game

In this version of Mah Jong the traditional Chinese symbols have been replaced with various Zodiac Astrology (Chinese and Western) and Alchemy symbols, such as the 4 elements (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire), the Philosopher's Stone alchemical glyph and the planetary symbols. Playing this version of the game is therefore not only intuitive, in a universal sense, but helps you familiarize yourself with these ancient archetypical symbols.

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