Your Magic Name

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Your Magic Name

Postby Sabina » Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:15 pm

[color=#6f3a00]It is entirely up to you how seriously you want to take the following. Considering the science of numbers and letters, considering Numerology and Arithmomancy, I think it is interesting and has potential.[/color]

It is said that the naming of things is important, magical, and a master key to creating a reality for yourself and for others. It is about personal evolution and about choice.

In the olden days, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines used to go out on spirit walks, during which something would cross their path or happen, and they would take their magic name from that.

You can also meditate on the new name.

You can wait for a sign and leave it open for the universe to manifest something that will give you or inspire you to choose your magic name.

You can compose your magic name. However, you shouldn't try too hard. It should still come kind of naturally. To do that, start by taking something you love and admire completely (not a person or character name though!), such as a type of crystal, a color, a landscape, or an animal.

The creation of your magic name can be treated in combination with the [url=]Re-invent Yourself[/url] topic, or by itself.
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Re: Your Magic Name

Postby mirjana » Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:24 pm

My magic name is Morinda Lucida. Why this is my magic name and what is behind this will be explained in the topic [url=]Re-Invent Yourself[/url].
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