what would it be like?

By Dermot

Re: what would it be like?

Postby mirjana » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:15 pm

[quote="dermot"]Mirjana, i would say i was in a relaxed state of mind writing that...the words just came.

Earlier while driving i had one of those Eureka moments when silly inconsequential concerns floated away and real perspective arrived......peace of mind!

Im glad you enjoyed it! =0D

I understand. Driving is a very inspiring state as nothing from outside takes an attention (except the road) and the best idea are coming from "nowhere"-I imagine the source of everything. My best poems are written during sitting beside my husband during driving. Such kind of deep realizations are connected with relaxed state of mind and that is why I also felt your poem that way. It is very deep and nice insight.
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