What is reality, what is illusion?

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Re: What is reality, what is illusion?

Postby Sabina » Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:44 pm

Mirjana, David Lynch is great! Just the simple explanation right at the very beginning... :)

Thanks. <3
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Re: What is reality, what is illusion?

Postby profdrfeelgood » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:48 pm

This piece is also posted on the other forum about illusion:

The only reality, if we can call it that, is that one exists. Awareness is ubiquitous and the self is individual. Everything else is an illusion. Everyone who lives in a society, on this planet, is taken down and illusionary garden path; pact in their own form for indoctrination, social norms, taboos, rituals and biased education. The world’s populations are put through a spin from conception, when any one, along the way, realizing that fact they will quickly be educated back to the right think by peer pressure or the overwhelming propaganda. It does not matter which country one is born in, political or religious systems one follows, you are following the little bouncing ball which was put there to keep you busy so as not to formulate questions, but most importantly to keep you as far away, as systematically possible, from finding yourself; your true self.

By gratifying and strengthening the ego through material things, creating wants and desires; therewith the need to defend and protect them as well. Also the intangible mind occupiers as your flag, country, patriotism, nationalism and the local god or hero and religious systems are constantly revered. The self is channeled and lost in all the colored blinking lights and inconsequential thoughts and desires. This is all a hard nut to crack, much less getting one's eyes on the situation, as the fortified ego just cannot accept that there is a greater life inside the human self then the adornment of its exterior.

Therefore whoever you may think you are and which ever group you think you belong to is an illusion. When you look into the mirror you see a reflection of lights and atoms, but you are led to believe that you are seeing, the reflection is either something beautiful or ugly, depending and according to the local tastes and fashion; actually the only thing you are seeing is the raw outside. You can put on makeup, modern clothing and funny hats, but that again is illusionary to try to fool yourself and onlookers; the reality it is not any of these; the reality is that you are slaves to illusion.
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