Walnuts - all- natural antioxidant

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Walnuts - all- natural antioxidant

Postby mirjana » Thu May 12, 2011 11:02 am

Antioxidants are micronutrients that protect tissues in the body by blocking harmful chemical reactions caused by oxidation. Oxidation is the destructive effect of oxygen and other oxidizing agents on the molecular components of our cells. We know that oxygen can cause metals to rust and corrode. But we do not necessarily know that it can pull electrons from organic molecules rendering them defective and useless. Free radicals, electronically unstable atoms or molecules generated in the course of normal metabolism, also strip electrons from other molecules, which causes chain reactions of oxidative damage. When cumulated such damages are responsible for many of the degenerative changes of aging and for a lot of age-related disease.
That is the reason people take antioxidants as pharmaceutical products. Instead it is much more beneficial if we take natural antioxidants.
If you want to take all-natural high quality source of antioxidants, walnuts are the best choice. The latest results show that only a handful of walnuts has twice the antioxidants as an equivalent amount of any other nuts. The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania ranked walnuts above all other varieties of nuts. This year in March they presented their study showing that nuts have high-quality protein as well as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
IN traditional Chinese medicine walnuts are considered to be an herb. Chinese recommend them as beneficial for kidneys, strengthen the back and knees, warm and hold energy flow in lungs(gi)moisten the intestines and move stool. It is believed that walnuts stop asthma(when taken between bouts of asthma, but not for acute asthma).
In 2010, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition said that walnuts and walnut oil improve reaction to stress.

As they are also high in calories, moderation is the key. It is recommended not to add them to the diet but to eat them as a replacement of foods that are high in saturated fats( such as cheese and meat). Recommended daily take needed for health benefits is 7-8 walnuts.
Use them as snacks, over salad, pasta or pizza, or as a protein choice sprinkling them over breakfast cereal. I use them instead of minced meat for all kind of stuffed vegetables.
It seems that with a bit of discipline and not much of money we can bring great benefits to our health.
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