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Vivid Dreams from a new member.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:26 am
by Xen
What you are about to read was written, composed, and locked away in a notebook after a dream. I tend have very vivid dreams and excellent recollection of the happenings withing. Some call it lucid dreaming, I call it another reality. [quote]


My Desert Rose,
Rare and sweet, mysterious
In every way.
My soul it longs
To plunder the score.

But innocent and timeless
Her soul sails on
The sparkle of her existence
Resides only in her glimmer.
Take the bliss when it comes.

Life is but a kiss from the heavens
And a virtue of the stars
Whose patience is ever lasting
Teach us the way.

I closed my eyes for the evening and found myself in the land of dreams where my mind, or spirit, has free reign. Strangely I was not in one of my usual settings. Instead, I was stranded in a desert dune. I climbed the mount with a sense of urgency and there it was. A magnificent spawn of flora greets my eyes. A magical being grew from the sand where nothing could survive or persevere, but still this did not impede this rose. No. The sparkle of it caught my eye when I approached and from there on then I knew that this was a remarkable beauty I had encountered.

The petals were so vividly red, passionate with fiery glaze. Between its petals a glimmer storm of magic sprites were floating to and fro acting a visual aphrodisiac. I had to have her. I plucked her trine, but she was only mine for a second. The desert kept her alive. And so I was lonely. She returned to the sands from which she came in shower of exploding crystal. I laid down - for the night was to begin. The stars they shone brilliantly and finally as I lay my head back into the warm earthy strands there she lay next to me. The girl of my dreams.

We laid in the glimpse of the heavens, a small speckle of energy risen to create the complexities of emotion. She laid in my arms all night and I laid awake to protect her forever. My watchful gaze has earned its right over her. Now I'll make sure she sleeps sound. It was a beautiful evening, alien in so many ways. We were on a strange planet in a strange place alone together. The skies rained with showers of color; timeless events; and the only people who saw it were you and I.


Re: Vivid Dreams from a new member.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:31 pm
by mirjana
Hi Xen,
Welcome to DS =0)
I have a question.
What was the first, your dream or your poem? I ask, because it could help you to understand your dream.
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Re: Vivid Dreams from a new member.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:36 am
by Xen
Well, first I had the dream and then I wrote it in the form of a poem,bBut the poem is portrayal of how the dream 'progressed.' I just added flowery prose to accentuate the beauty that I could not bring with me in to the waking world. This was merely an attempt to share a highlight of spirit.

I have many lucid dreams, in fact I have purchased several books that discuss dream topics and 'between-the-lines' meanings. Also, I always record vivid dreams like that, but that one in particular was more flowery than most. In the last five years I have also had a very symbolic re-occurring & evolving series of dreams. I will elaborate on that particular journey at a later time, but for now I can tell you the title, and thus the theme, is "The Cascading Tower of Light."