Universal laws and rules to live by...

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Universal laws and rules to live by...

Postby Ryan » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:44 pm

You know? I have had a multitude of "deep discussions" with different individuals who seem to be in search of definitions on how to live life... they turn to spirituality, religion, philosophy... this guru, that yogi... and in constant change of their opinions, discoveries, and facts. Which should be "sign" enough but for some reason they need an answer. Just one answer as to how things are and how they should be. Now, I could do all kinds of speculating as to why they have that need, but that's not really the point of this post. What I would like to try to point out is there isn't such a thing.

There is no "controlled environment" in this universe... everything is in constant change, development, decomposition and motion. So therefore, nothing can be a universal answer for anything... unless of course it has been reproduced again and again for millenia. But, that is the trouble today, isn't it? People are too eager to tell of their new found discoveries. [quote="the commercial"]Yes, we have came up with the miraculous new substance that is guaranteed to solve all your problems... and it is perfectly safe.
Only to be followed by this announcement a decade or two later.[quote="the news reporter"]Well, yet another discovery of the past has been found to be the cause of a mass number of physical ailments due to the leakage of this chemical or that chemical...
Scientists create experiments in "controlled environments" to convert an hypothesis to a theory. Which means basically they move from an idea to a witnessed event... still it isn't fact... or law. For most part, regardless of how many times an experiment is performed and in what kind of environment, it very rarely ever makes it to the level of fact... or LAW... for the very same reason I have previously stated.

"Controlled environments" are generally very small. Temperature is measured, monitored, and adjusted so that it is exactly the same each and every time. The ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide and nitrogen that is present in the air, and the list is huge for which it takes to create a "controlled environment". The moment you perform the experiment and the results are not the same as they always were because something in the environment has changed. It makes it a conditional reaction... not a law, no rule, no fact beyond dispute and when you toss in the constant changes of the universe and tell me "you"... human kind, scientists, or spiritual this, that or the other have discovered a Universal Law... and then go on to explain to me how it has been proven that as long as this condition and that condition have been met then you will witness the proof of this "Law"... I am sorry, but I have to laugh... because that is not a description of a "Law" at all. That is the description of a circumstantial result or reaction. And that doesn't prove anything but that some people have witnessed some reaction to certain circumstances.
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Re: Universal laws and rules to live by...

Postby Naveen » Tue May 01, 2012 6:01 pm

second R's observation! patterns seem to go out the window as thine canvas expandeth 80|

randomness galore!

more nothingness .. .. .. 80S
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Re: Universal laws and rules to live by...

Postby jpeters » Wed May 16, 2012 12:25 pm

So basicly what that whole long paragraph was saying was. You can't get a true true reaction from the universe under controlled circumstances. If we take controlled environments and do an experiement. All we will get is a controlled reaction obviously. With the way the universe works, its out of reach to completely understand how the universe works. At least for now! So my point is obvious. Any experiement that is done. Has to be done in conditions that are natural and no under our control. Instead we must be aware of the conditions and allow them to fall into place and then see how the situation unfolds. And if at all necessary, know what it may take to stop the situation if it is to go farther then you want.
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