Tonight, I'll try to contact my spirit guide!

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Tonight, I'll try to contact my spirit guide!

Postby Fendreg » Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:13 am

Hello fellow denizens of Deep Spirits:

For a long time, strange things have happened to me and now I'm ready to feel a bit grounded in my path in spirituality. There's a good few things I'd like to express about myself, about the things I've seen and felt's very hard for me to express my experiences without feeling stupid. I have this stigma about trying to keep how I feel to a minimum, that I can't possibly be seeing this cat around the house that no one else sees, or shadowy figures in my peripheral vision. I believe my house to be haunted, and some strange things have happened to the other ( very skeptical ) members of the house, yet generally the really really strange stuff tends to happen to me ( shadowy figures looking in on me clearly. A man's voice screaming in my room with no one being there ). Ahh there's so much to say but....gosh I wish I were more comfortable. I don't want to hope for something that isn't there- as in I don't want to believe that I have an ability when maybe I'm just reading too much into normalcy.

That....rant being aside, tonight I'm going to try to contact my spirit guide for advice. I've never done anything like this before, but I have read a few things on it. I'm ready with my white candle and incense, but I'm worried about how to approach the situation. How will I know when something has arrived? Will I let something bad in? I'm afraid that I'll just feel like an idiot and call the whole thing off or...worse: I'll be scared of what I'll discover.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
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