Three Months

By Agate

Three Months

Postby Agate » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:51 am

Well, time does fly when you're having fun. Sunshine owes me a bag of chocolates-- we had a wager on when Mom and Dad would figure out I'm a vegetarian. She was sure the cat would be out of the bag long before now...and was wrong. (And not to speak ill of my Sunshine...but it was nice to WIN a bet with her for once!)

Anyhow, three months have passed since I decided to eschew meat. What has changed?

For a start, I'm down a full blue jeans size.

More to the point, I'm getting better at listening to my body. The first few weeks I craved processed/preserved meats constantly; after some trial and error, I realized I wasn't getting quite enough fat. I've still got a ways to go, but I've made huge leaps in learning to understand what a craving is telling me.

I've also become more mindful of what I eat.

I was a label-reader to begin with; now I'm moving toward only eating things whose ingredients I can spell and/or pronounce. It's kind of shocking to pick up something labeled as being good for you, only to read the back and find that it's nothing of the sort. This has led to some...interesting...improvisations in my kitchen, but only a couple real disasters.

The weird thing is how my whole mindset about food has changed. Instead of munching on chips when I watch TV, I crunch carrots. At the store today I saw some of my favorite chips on sale...and walked by. They just didn't sound good to me anymore. I've also noticed a marked decrease in how much sugar I can handle. Normal fruit juice tastes far too sweet now, and don't get me started on packaged cookies!

Of course there's still some snacky stuff I love. But inch by inch, the junkfood is being replaced by better choices. I've rediscovered the simple pleasure of popping popcorn in a kettle on the stove. (No more nasty microwave packets for me!) I've learned again the perfection of peanut butter.

And of course, I'm still full of beans.
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