the well of the way

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the well of the way

Postby Sotwa » Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:02 pm

An old sage named mahrhoki sat near the edge of a small village.
one day a traveler named wot came to the village seeking.
as wot walked into the village he passed mahrhoki and seeing her asked "does this village have the water of life, I am seeking its truth and I have found it no place so far. "
Mahrhoki, opening one eye, said to the seeker, " yes, here in this village, there is a well, it has in it the living truth you seek. "
"Oh thank you " said wot, " I shall head for it now." Wot turned to go but asked first,
" kind woman, where is this well located? "
" it is in the center " mahrhoki whispered.
wot was very excited to hear this and took off immediately.
when wot reached the center, as far as he could tell, he not only found the well, he saw the old woman sitting beside it looking to him to be fast asleep.
this puzzled him a bit but he quickly dismissed his puzzlement and said hello to the old woman he met earlier. She sat motionless, by all means seeming to be fast asleep.
wot found the spool and pale of the old stone well and lowered the bucket down to the water.
Wot was excited, could this be it!? At least the mysterious old woman told him this very village had the water of the truth of life! For years he had searched and this was the first time anyone had even heard of such a thing.
The bucket went on down and the spool ran out of rope.
Wot then cranked the handle bringing the bucket back up.
It was full of fresh clear water.
Wot, excitedly, brought the whole bucket to his mouth and nead inhaled the cool water.
He drunk and drunk till he was filled.
But as he released the half empty bucket and let it hang, he saw, sadly, that this was just another ordinary well with ordinary water.
He sighed deeply, but then remembered the old hag as he was beginning to think of the woman, sitting still, in the same place beside the well.
"Hey you! " wot half yelled not even trying to keep the anger from his voice.
"You lied to me! "
Mahrhoki was up and standing nose to nose with wot in the time it took for a blink.
She peered into him, one eye open, and wot smelled the scents of flowers and moss as she said,
"I am no liar young sprout. I have told you truthfully. "
The old sage stepped back and sat gently on the edge of the well.
Wot was fairly sure he was dealing with a witch or some demon,for he was no fool and knew little old women could not be in two places at once nor move faster than a snake strike.
He chose his words carefully, so as not to offend her.
" who, who are you, "........? "Ma'am " he added quickly to his question.
"I am m''''' r''' k ''' eei'' she said.
Wot had heard with his ears a strange tangled sound of clicks and letters. Yet in his mind he heard a young woman's voice sweetly and clearly pronounce mah-har-row-key.
He was astonished!!!
He asked, again choosing his words wisely,
" mahrhoki, can you, will you, please tell me where I can find the water I seek, um, Maby in a more, well, perhaps in a less confusing way? "
Mahrhoki spoke ,
"Nothing I said was confused when I said it, it became that way in your own head. But ill play with you no more, it is time for teaching. "
Wot listening intently sat on the wells edge beside her as she continued,
" the well is at the center, here.," and she touched his chest, and then his head, and then his stomach , and then his male member. And for some reason this did not strike him as vulgar or inappropriate in any way. Like the touch of a doctor.
mahrhoki continued, "your sex, your instinct, your heart, your imagination. These are ways from which the water of truth is drawn. In you deep, " she said as she made a circular shape with her soft old hands. " in your deep is where the spring rests."
Wot thought for a bit and then asked,
" you , kind sage, are telling me that in me is the source of the water of truth and life I am seeking?"
"Yes " said mahrhoki, " you are always drawing from the well at the center, it is brought up through one of the four openings. "
Wot was understanding, he saw what mahrhoki was saying in him like a scene in his mind.
Mahrhoki poked him in the forhead with a smile on her lips, and said,
"See, you see. Through the opening comes truth water."
"But how does truth come through my mind if my mind is so constantly confused? " asked wot.
Mahrhoki smiled broadly, and leaned, putting her lips to his ear, and whispered,
"All that comes in is truth, even the confusion, it has led you here has it not, yes it has. "
Wot felt calmed by this gesture from her.
But he asked, " but what of the heart, the gut or instinct, and my sex,? "
Again the old sage smiled. " your heart feels and is truth opening that guides like the mind, but not by thought, but by emotion. The instinct is similar, it jerks you away from danger, it growls for your body's needs, it is the opening of truth that informs and protects your being. The sex, ahh the sex, it is the drive that moves all living beings of form to make more of themselves. "
Wot curiously asked,
"Is sex or lust bad? , it has gotten me in troubles before, and I see others struggling with it too. "
Mahrhoki just smiled, " perhaps ill show you how the truth is the way and the one hmmmmm? "
She leaned close to his face, eye to eye, and her closed lid snapped open
Wot stared into a void so deep so full so empty so dark and so light he saw into the Wells depths
He saw into the source. He was no longer sitting on the edge of the well
He was IN the deep unending waters of life
He saw men and women in visions
some laughing, some crying,
babies born, young and old alike dying,
All was moving so very fast.
His sight flew away and he saw the beings of earth, all of them,
He saw how all was pushed and pulled by designed interests and curiosities
He saw bird chirp and man turn, he saw that man avoid getting hit by a car moment later,missed him by seconds
He saw the bird
he knew it acted on truths trigger
He saw the man
he knew his interest in birds
it was so much so much so much so fast
He saw laws and some following them and others hating and rebellion
he saw how the law and rebellion were from the same well
he saw strings so many strings
each thing had them each thing had millions of strings
he saw a Muse a jester a God a force a light
it was pulling all the strings
an enormous book fell in front of him
It was years wide and eons tall
It opened and he saw THE PLAN written then the words changed and changed and changed
he opened his mouth to scream but had no mouth no body
He became a feeling of pulling in like vacuum and flowing out like pressure
he was the one and he was light and the worlds were below him and they were of his light
and as he saw the many people he thought of them and the moved as his sight saw
They were him and he was them
a stage formed and suddenly he was the spotlight
actors danced and lived out the play
they were directed
each one had a compass for a body.
And each went accordingly from the direction it pointed for them.
A rush and a river came and all was water and there were billions of veins of the river
all went all ways but the river was one flow
he then was a drop of water falling and he knew he was this drop dropping
He saw many others
like rain they fell into the ocean
he flew out and saw a cylic system going round and round
Then it was a wagon wheel and the hub was his center
"Center. " said mahrhoki poking his chest repeatedly.
in here is the truth you seek sprout . "
She had closed her other eye again.
She stood and smiled, and wot noticed she was no longer a
old woman, but a beautiful girl of no more than seventeen.
"Shhhhhh " she said, just let what I have shown you settle.
Wot was speachless anyway.
"I love you seeking sprouts " she said sweetly
" your always my favorite trees to climb "
With that she turned and walked away, around a corner and out of sight.
That was the last time wot saw mahrhoki.
He was quenched
Sage of the way
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