The War on Smoking

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The War on Smoking

Postby amandrea » Sat May 21, 2011 12:54 am

Unfortunately, I had to work with a guy who I did not like and who did not like me. A wrong look from one to the other could lead to a fistfight. If one died the other would be happy. One time I lit up a cigarette in front of him. He responded without thought by saying smoking was bad for my health.
This is true, smoking is bad for my health but as I said, If one of us died the other would be happy. He responded as he had been conditioned to, stimulus-response. You need to be aware of this kind of mental trap where a truth is linked to a desired thought and so channels your thinking into the same intellectual groves as everyone else.
As a dynamic thinker you will find yourself having to navigate through truths quite often. A good example is the war on tobacco. In thinking about this you have to consider that there are other social change wars. One failure is the one on poverty. A victory in the war on drugs would put a lot of people out of work and cause a massive shift in governmental spending and income. It has become a part of the regular economy. The war on alcohol is mostly limited to stopping drunk driving. Curiously, the war on smoking has been much more successful than these other wars.
Your question should not be why has it been so successful but why a war at all? I’m sure that with the asking of this many truths leap to your mind: smoking is bad for your health. Second hand smoke is more dangerous than first hand. (I’m trying to figure this one out but people accept it blindly as true.) Smokers have more health problems causing everyone’s insurance cost to go up, no one wants to kiss an ashtray and probably a few more intellectual groves. These are peripheral truths that support the anti-smoking campaign but not the cause.
When smoking was first being popularized it was touted as a tonic for the body and even an aphrodisiac. Smokers quickly learned these things were not true and that smoking was actually bad for them. Despite this there was no serious effort to discourage it. The long existence of this knowledge then is not the cause for the war on tobacco.
So why so much concern today for my health and in such a narrow scope? If the concern was truly for my wellbeing then why has there not been similar concern, effort and success in providing for other aspects of my health such as universal health care.
You’re now ready to look for the prime truth that motivates the drive to end smoking in society. The place to begin is where the movement was really established with determination and grew in strength to the point where anti-smoking laws are being implemented. This implies a correlation with the growth of some factor (other than altruistic concern for the health of others) that is not compatible with smoking. This would be the increasing common use of the computer in the work place. Smoke is not just bad for you but bad for the computer. As the computer became more and more common in the work place the effort to end smoking increased. It is to meet the needs of the computer and the employer that is the originating cause in this aspect of societal change. This is the Prime Truth. In any personal or executive decisions you make on the topic of smoking this primary truth must be involved.
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Re: The War on Smoking

Postby mirjana » Sat May 21, 2011 10:38 pm

I give you Kudos for this intelligent analysis about smoking.
I am not a smoker myself, but your analysis could be easily mine in many aspects you have mentioned.
This war, as any other( I like that you use this word), has the main goal which is to make obedient people who just strictly follow rules. Considering reactions, those who pull always more in that direction have succeeded in producing such a mass of obedient people. =0(
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