The Verbing...

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The Verbing...

Postby mirjana » Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:25 pm

Today when I visited the DS StumbleUpon blog, I found this linguistic poem and enjoyed the playing with words.

The verbing of America
Is getting out of hand,
Yet many nouns are also verbs,
Like toast and rake and land.
When I first heard hospitalize,
I thought it was a crime;
Why don't we apartmentalize?
We will -- just give us time!
If when we change a noun to verb
To come up with our `verbing,'
Why can't I, when I'm using herbs,
Refer to it as herbing?
For if I call myself a cook,
The verbal form is cooking;
And if I give someone a look,
It's also known as looking.
I give a gift
But I'm not gifting.
You get my drift,
Or am I drifting?
I get a bill
Because of billing,
But taking pills
Is never pilling.
I place a pin,
And I am pinning.
Play a violin --
Is it violining?
But play a fiddle,
And you're fiddling;
Or is this getting
Much too piddling?

Am I an enjoyer because I enjoyed it? ;0)
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Re: The Verbing...

Postby Donnedandgrey17 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:09 am

I LOVE this. <3
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