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The Spectrum

Postby Ryan » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:13 pm

I've been thinking about this whole duality thing... and it just doesn't seem accurate. Because as far as I see it... duality only addresses things like:
black & white - what about grey/gray?
cold & hot - what about warm?
positive & negative - what about neutral?

If I consider the implications and even toss a bit of religion into this pot... maybe the references to "the holy trinity" actually have a more basic and fundamental application...

Maybe we don't live in a world/universe of duality...maybe we live in a world/universe of triality?

Something to think about and I would be interested to hear your thoughts...
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Re: The Spectrum

Postby mirjana » Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:17 pm


Even in dualities, there is a point when it is possible to have two of them neutralized, even for the short period of time. I see it as an equilateral triangle, and your thoughts in that sense seem to be quite correct. In equilateral triangle, each of three points when put on the opposite side, comes in the middle, the same as the moment of neutralization of two opposites. But, I can imagine that we call this world, the world of duality, because we are mostly compulsive in our dancing between any of two, and not being stabile in the neutralized point. And even when neutralized, this point is not something completely new, which would make the third as equal as another two, but it is more a neutralized mixture again of two opposites.
Anyhow, the thought is very interesting, and it sounds nice, triality. Association with Trinity is also interesting and gives lot of possibilities for speculation.
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