the soul singing to the self .. and self singing to soul

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the soul singing to the self .. and self singing to soul

Postby ubermensch » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:21 pm

to me this song is as spiritual as it gets ... perhaps it was b/c of what i was going thru at the time and the types of meditation i was doing , but faith hill seems to be singing to her soul or soul singing to the self i.e. falling in love with herself almost .. note this is the official video and she is the only one in it ... after my first few months of conscious breathing meditation i heard this song and thought wow i really think she is describing her soul or the self falling in love with her soul .. anyway i went to go see the video thinking how disappointed im going to be when she is laying in bed with some male model . to my surprise it was just as i originally thought , she was alone .
The more I give to consciousness/awareness , the more consciousness gives to me . .... ....
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