The Problem with Implying

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Re: The Problem with Implying

Postby GenerousGeorge » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:35 pm

blueStar wrote:

"Getting people to speak with integrity and meaning only what they mean will take some effort on a global scale. I often struggle with this myself. Sometimes I just want to speak my mind as it comes to my awareness but then I become aware that the words I might use could cause further misunderstanding and suffering...Deliberate speech with integrity is something to master all on it's own. Practice practice practice...thankfully the universe provides us with so many opportunities to get it right."

Practice of deliberate speech with integrity of meaning is a really good exercise to make you think about where you "really stand" on a subject. Until we are all perfect at that, I think it is a good practice to accept what people say at "face value" and be just as flexible in that regard as we are committed to practice at saying exactly what we really mean in an easily understood way for whomever reads your comments.

I look forward to your future posts Bluestar...... welcome to the forum.
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