The Pope

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The Pope

Postby QuietMind » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:59 pm

The Pope just gets off the plane in America and walks on the red carpet to a awaiting limousine. The Pope say "I want to drive the Limousine." He had never driven one and thought it would be cool. The Pope gets in and goes flying down the highway doing over 100mph. He gets pulled over by a cop. The cop gets to the door and sees its the Pope and is confused what to do? He ends up calling it in to the Sheriff, and says to the Sheriff. "I have a really import person here, should I give him a ticket?"....The Sheriff says."Well how important?..Is he more important than me?"..The cop says "Well sir, yes he is."...Sheriff says.."Is he more important than the Governor or the President?".....cop says.."Well, I think so Sheriff.".....Sheriff says.."Well who the hell is this guy?"......Cop says "I don't know Sheriff, but the Pope is driving him around."...........Ha,ha :P
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