The King and 3 Sons

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The King and 3 Sons

Postby Sabina » Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:47 pm

Mentioning King Lear in another topic ( [url=]What we do shows who we are[/url] ) reminded me of this parable.

[A] wise King wants an honest child to take his place on the throne.

He gives each of his 3 sons a pack of flower seeds and tells them that the one who grows the most beautiful flowers from these seeds will have his throne.

Six months pass and the king checks the flowers.
The first 2 had beautiful flower beds while the last child had nothing in his plot but weeds and no flowers.

Yet, the king chose this child to have the throne.


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[color=#594500]The 3rd son was the only one that didn't cheat.
The King had baked the seeds so they wouldn't grow, which means the first 2 didn't use the seeds from the packet he gave them.[/color]
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Re: The King and 3 Sons

Postby mirjana » Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:10 pm

It was not a big deal for the king to make a decision as he made the situation in order to be sure, to know.
The problem occurs when "sons" happen to us and we are not king who knows the secret.
What hurts then is the feeling of the third son if he wouldn´t have been recognized as a true one.

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