The Journey of an Eco-Village

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Re: The Journey of an Eco-Village

Postby dermot » Wed May 05, 2010 6:36 pm

Dartmoor....Mirjana, that conjures up mist and many murders?

Trees about 800yr old oak forest within a stones throw of where i live, this country has lots of trees, although there seems to be a perception that there arent many.

Greece would tick many boxes for me, ask Heidi...but i dont think property could be too expensive there right now!

Croatia appeals to me also, rural France, rural Spain, ........ah yes to dream....
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Re: The Journey of an Eco-Village

Postby mirjana » Thu May 06, 2010 12:16 am

Dermot, thank you for clarification! =0)
I mentioned Dartmoor after I saw that video Sabina posted about that part as a natural park. But your words somehow sound much more real to me.
Your thoughts about Greece and recommendation to ask Heidi about it are also very reasonable and somehow I feel that, in spite of general attraction this land has, it seems not to be the option because of so many problems there, not only at the moment, but accumulated.
"Croatia appeals to me also, rural France, rural Spain, ........ah yes to dream...."
You know that dreams may become true...sometimes we dream in order to start living real life again. =0)
As I have been living in Croatia, there are some minuses, but still it is a beautiful land with many possibilities. I have wonderful experience with South France too and can only recommend it. Spain I know only from visiting it so I cannot say much.
I do not doubt that such a group of beautiful people who started this dream will find the magic clue.
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