The Butterfly Circus

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The Butterfly Circus

Postby Sabina » Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:07 pm


Or watch it in full screen: [url=][size=120]The Butterfly Circus[/size][/url]
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Re: The Butterfly Circus

Postby mirjana » Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:10 pm

What a beautiful movie Sabina.
There are so many aspects brilliantly presented in this short movie. The beauty of the spirit of the owner of The Butterfly Circus has gathered others whose life have been transformed from humiliation and discouragement into the glorious, endless spirit that brings beauty and love into the lives of others.
The man without limbs have been transformed realizing himself that life is without limits if taken from possibilities and not from failures.
Thank to this movie I found some other material about Nick Vujicic and it is amazing how a man without limbs, who has found the key to happiness has been teaching and inspiring people in the world not to lose their hope even when everything seems to be lost.
One man calls him a perversion of nature or a man whom God himself turned his back upon;
People react mostly with shock, laugh , scorn and cruelty.
And one man approached him with words: "You are magnificent" showing that it is not the number that makes the difference. His choice is to spread love, beauty, honor and dignity reminding people that they are not what others see them and want them to be, but that what they themselves choose to be and believe to be.
Apparently an old , good idea about choice, courage, self confidence, life possibilities, hope …But I cannot imagine that more can be said in less than as it is shown in this movie.
Thank you Sabina.
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