The Bliss of Now

By Mirjana

The Bliss of Now

Postby mirjana » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:37 pm

The Bliss of now

The feeling of this moment,
That feeling you are;
The thought of this moment
That thought you are;
The joy of this moment
That joy you are;
The sadness of this moment
That sadness you are;
Whatever this moment is
That IS you are;

Is this moment your fear?
Let the fear BE;
Is this moment your memory?
Let the memory BE;
Is this moment your pain?
Let the pain BE;
All the faces of the moment
All these faces you are;
If you take them with open heart
They will bring you Love
And Happiness of knowing you.

My answer to Dermot and his poem Alone I am
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