Teaching people a lesson

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Re: Teaching people a lesson

Postby Agate » Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:01 pm

[quote][quote]If it is true, then it must be logical.
If it is logical, then it can be explained.
If it can be explained, then it must be understood.

here I beg to disagree with sabina . The whole statement may not be perfect equation. Sometimes there could be a mismatch between truth and logic. Logic is a growing collection of wisdom we pick through experience. But then its growing. not complete. Truth is complete.

I'm inclined to agree with Crystaldart. Just because I see something is utterly logical does not mean that others follow my logic. A perfect example is my choice to quit eating meat. So the statement "Agate is a vegetarian" is true, but to those who know me, utterly illogical.

The phrase "teach you a lesson" has undertones of violence to me. Unless I'm charged with teaching a specific task or skill, I generally let my life do the teaching for me. If the people around me choose to learn, great. But it is their choice.
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