Take a walk...........

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Re: Take a walk...........

Postby mirjana » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:15 pm

But, instead to go there was a sudden thought blocked me like somebody whispered something to my ear that was important to hear and understand. It was a strange feeling that I was not alone, although I couldn't see anybody around. And awareness that the thought was so strong that its presence was almost physically felt:"Darn ⊗!" The same moment I said the word I felt uncomfortable because of that and automatically turned around like wanting to be sure that nobody else had heard it.
I could feel that the thought was waiting to be recognized and pulled from the unconscious out.
And then it was there:"George" I said loudly having in that moment in my mind the whole scene of me and my friend and his generous smile when the last time two of us were fishing and talking. And the whole scene of that moment was there by him, so much alive that I thought I could hear my friend telling me:"Fishermen are closer to God." sending me his boy- liked smile that nobody could resist.
"Something to do with their soles George?" was my question and the witty George’s answer:"or maybe just for the hal ibat".
What was that? The feeling that George was there with me was so strong that I was sure that in that moment somehow I was in his mind too. "Wow, what a feeling". The magic moment of reminiscence was over and I again started preparing my thing to turn back.

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Re: Take a walk...........

Postby ubermensch » Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:30 pm

i imagine checking public records the next day finding out who owns the land . buying it for pennies on the dollar b/c it was inherited and vastly under appreciated. in my minds eye the next afternoon i cut down the old oak making new benches and another boat . clearing the land i dream about the thousands i will make selling plots of land around the lake, and think what a great selling point to give boat rides to prospective buyers. then i call myself by my first name in an even soothing tone as i push away the mind society gave me. refocus on the breath that i can now see . engaged in conscious breathing i bring myself into this moment and sit in meditation.
The more I give to consciousness/awareness , the more consciousness gives to me . .... ....
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