Surrealist automatism

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Surrealist automatism

Postby Sabina » Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:17 pm

[A]utomatic writing is one of the most direct techniques of Surrealist automatism. This is not necessarily the same as the Automatic Writing that is said to be connected to the spirit world.

Sit at a table with pen and paper; put yourself in a 'receptive' frame of mind, and start writing. Continue writing without thinking of what is appearing beneath your pen. Write as fast as you can. If, for some reason, the flow stops, leave a space and immediately begin again by writing down the first letter of the next sentence. Choose this letter at random before you begin, for instance, a 's', and always begin this new sentence with a 's'.

In the purest version of automatism nothing is corrected or re-written, however the produced material can be used as a basis for further composition. What is crucial is the free-association that creates the basic text.

Automatic writing is writing directed by the unconscious mind. It is sometimes called 'trance' writing because it is done quickly and without judgment, writing whatever comes to mind, 'without consciousness', as if in a trance. It is believed that this allows one to tap into the subconscious mind where 'the true self' dwells. Uninhibited by the conscious mind, deep and mystical thoughts can be accessed.

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Re: Surrealist automatism

Postby mirjana » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:35 pm

Hi Sabina,

Interesting idea and reminder. The time back when I was younger I used to write like that and the results were surprisingly good. With the time I stopped doing it. The best wayfor me to I write is when I do not prepare myself and just enter the moment of writing. It is shown when I give my answers in the forum. Writing here in this forum and answering questions is a variation of that as the inspiration start is the initial subject somebody else posted. There are two possibilities people respond. One is to copy the initial post and work in word figuring the answer. The other one is to write directly answering spontaneously what comes as the personal answer. I do this second way and enjoy what will come out. This way I let other members to know me as I really am in the direct communication, and it allows me to come to the very interesting personal answers, realizations and approaches.

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