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Re: Superpower

Postby dermot » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:16 pm

Im going with no 6 Telepathy.

Reading the thoughts of others would rule out a lot of confusion and indecision, at least on my part!

Communicating telepathically would be cool, not sure how....but it would be!

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Re: Superpower

Postby Rachel » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:24 pm

1. Ability to heal anyone (except yourself) from anything
2. Invulnerability: Immunity to any physical damage
3. Waterbreathing: Ability to breath underwater
4. Omni-linguism: Ability to understand any form of language
5. Mediumship: Ability to communicate with the dead
6. Telepathy: Ability to read the thoughts of others, or communicate mentally

To be honest, I can safely say that I am not noble enough to want to heal people for 24 hours straight. For I feel that the people who miss out on the healing would haunt me forever.

Immunity to any physical damage is enticing, however, what's to say that it would be required within the time frame allocated?

Breathing underwater and omni-lingusim are both circumstantial choices and therefore cannnot be a definitive answer/

Telepathy? Other people's thoughts are their own, private and precious inner sanctum and I do not see any good come from knowing what other people keep to themselves.

Mediumship seems to be the lesser of all the evils =0@ I'd love to be able to communicate even just one person walking this planet who has farewelled a dear one on this physical plane.

So , number 5 it is for me. Utilitarianism, the greatest good for the greatest number.
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Re: Superpower

Postby Sabina » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:46 pm

[quote="dreamcatcher"]I'd have to go with number 4:
Omni-linguism: Ability to understand any form of language

I'm studying a year abroad this year for 10 months in Italy, and the placement tests are in August.
It'd be great to get into the higher class of Italian on that day, then my pace in the language would be progress rapidly and I could become fluent quicker!

I guess those are selfish reasons though, so in hindsight if I really had to choose I would most likely go with choice number 1; there are a lot of people in pain in this world, it'd be quite a great thing to help fix that.

I like that you have included your spontaneous answer, as well as the hindsight addition. Cool.

I think it's great to see how different our answers are and for which reasons. I have really enjoyed reading all the responses.
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