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Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:06 pm
by mirjana
When one knows and follows his Life's Purpose

Starting in 1976 with a Greenpeace crew off Labrador, Paul Watson has braved numerous forays onto the ice floes, many with such celebrities as Brigitte Bardot, Farley Mowat, Martin Sheen and Pierce Brosnan.
He has spent time in prison, debated politicians and put his life on the line defending passionately environmental responsabilities.
Captain Paul Watson has rammed fishing trawlers, smashed whaling ships, sailed boldly into Soviet waters and stood bravely on an ice floe between a baby harp seal and an oncoming seal boat.

His book "Seal Wars" describes his life on the front lines as the captain of the Sea Shepherd in the war to stop the slaughter of the Canadian harp seal.
The efforts he and his crew have endured in order to halt the killings have been enormeous, from sub-freezing weather conditions, death threats, vulgar confrontations, death treats, beatings, fines and jail.
I can imagine that all that put him into the situation to ask himself the question why to continue.
I love his answer given at the end of his book:

[color=#007aec] "When I first took up the challenge of fighting the seal hunt, I was twenty-four and full of optimism that we could shut it down and bring an end to the killing. Now, at fifty-one, I am beginning to accept that the killing will most likely not end in my lifetime. The masacre of the seals had been renewed with a vengeance. The slaughter of the whales has escalated. Fish populations are crashing worldwide. It is the revelation of my own helplessness that hurts me now. What difference did it all make? Perhaps, I should have just become like the peole I've been fighting all my life- the uncaring, materialistic, what's-in-it-for-me types.
But then, closing my eyes, I hear the words I heard in a vision so many years before:" You do what you must because it is the only thing you can do. It is the right thing to do, the just thing to do. You are a warrior for the Earth. You will live the life of a warrior and you will die a warrior's death"
This cause is bigger and more important than any of its participants. It is in fact an epic struggle - a clasic clash between right and wrong, between good and evil. It is a crusade to defend kotik, the Lamb of God.
And thus I have been a shepherd, and I have tried to be a good shepherd and to defend as many of my flock as I can".

I cannot imagine more inspiring answer for anybody to follow the star of the Life purpose when understanding the message of the heart.

Re: Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:32 pm
by Sabina
Sea Shepherd most definitely belongs into Civil Courage. I also admire him and what he does.

Paul Watson
The Toronto native joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testing in 1969. He was an early, influential, and outspoken member of Greenpeace, crewed and skippered for it, and later was a board member. Watson argued for a strategy of "direct action" which conflicted with the Greenpeace interpretation of nonviolence, was ousted from the board in 1977, and subsequently left the organization. That same year, he formed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The group is the subject of a reality show, Whale Wars, and pursues a direct action strategy that has led to controversy.

He also promotes veganism, reducing the human population by voluntarily having fewer children, and rejecting an anthropocentric worldview for a biocentric worldview.

What do you think about this?

Re: Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:09 pm
by mirjana
Great additional information Sabina. *WAVE*
This struggle has a very high price. Martin Sheen in this video woke up the press about Captain Watson.Different news programms gave free publicity to draw the attention of the Dutch public and press for Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, when he was inprisoned in Holland and not able to continue his struggle against illegal whale hunting.

Re: Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:35 pm
by Ryan
Sabina, I can't say much about government and what those running for office say in comparison to what they do once they get in office... I don't think that any change is going to come from any of those people. It would be nice... but I, for one, am not going to hold my breath. I think if there is going to be any changes it will have to be made by the masses. If you think about it, the rich wouldn't be rich without the masses giving them their money. If there were more people like Paul Watson... and those that support him by either volunteering to be on his crew or in the very least by financially contributing whatever they can to help them in their efforts... then I think things will change.

The politicians are the worst sheep ever... the power is in their hands and instead of using it they give it to the highest bidders... not very encouraging, I know... there just needs to be a shift of power... people need to realize they they are the ones with the power to make change... not the few with all the money... and until that realization has been made... It is baby steps through those like Paul Watson that will slowly make a difference... slowly...