Regarding Henry

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Regarding Henry

Postby mirjana » Tue May 17, 2011 2:58 pm


Regarding Henry is an old movie that I like very much and that came to my mind lately. I gave myself a promise to see it again as soon as possible.
It is an intelligent movie made by Mike Nichols, with Harisson Ford , Annette Benning and Mikki Allen in the main roles. There are many fine details for which I remember this movie still today. It is well written, well directed and very well acted, not to mention great music by Hans Zimmer. It doesn´t belong to the movies which bring money to those who made them, but it definitely stays in the heart with many subtle messages it brings.
Harrison Ford plays a role of Henry, who is a hard-driven lawyer. Shot in the head by a convenience store robber, causing sever brain-injury, put him in a coma for a week. After his emergence from the coma , he is speechless for some time.
The most beautiful theme of this movie, showing what does it mean to be tentative about life. Before the accident Henry was hard and emotionless kind of man walking all over people including his wife and his daughter. With a help of a great therapist who somehow taught him about life and what is important in it, he has got his second chance to make it better. Love, care and attention of his wife and daughter were supporting on his way to the total transformation.
My second thought and question is, do we need an accident in order to awake and open our hearts prepared to recognize what matters the most in our life? Is it necessarily to hurt those we love in order to protect ourselves from some personal shadows and ghosts driving us and those around us crazy because of in tentative way of behavior?
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