Real Life Unbreakable

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Real Life Unbreakable

Postby Sabina » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:51 pm

I came across a real life "unbreakable hero". Well almost unbreakable anyway...

It reminded me of a movie from 2000 called "[url=]Unbreakable[/url]" by M. Night Shyamalan.
The story is....
[bgcolor=#dec3ff][color=#65192c]Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) suffers from a disease hat makes his bones incredibly brittle and liable to break. He believes that "if there is someone like me in the world, and I am at one end of the spectrum, couldn't there be someone else, the opposite of me at the other end? Someone who doesn't get sick, who doesn't get hurt like the rest of us."
Price believes David Dunn (Bruce Willis) to be such a person.[/color][/bgcolor]
The hypotheses makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
It also makes sense that such a person may not even know how special they are. It's not like anyone ever misses getting sick or hurt, it's not like anyone would wonder why they don't get hurt, at least not unless someone pointed their attention in that direction.

[cols] So there lived this man... 1.65m (5'5'') of brute strength.
Joe Rollino was able to move 1500 kg (3,200 pound) with with his back, he could bend nails with his mouth and coins with his bare hands.

I also thought it was interesting that he was a life-long vegetarian, who died at the age of 104!

And when he died, it wasn't of heart failure or anything you may expect at that age...

Mr. Rollino was hit by a minivan and died in the hospital as a result of this accident. This was in January 2010.|
    JoeRollino.jpg (8.57 KiB) Viewed 31350 times
I am fascinated by such people... people who don't let age get them down, people who don't "just stop". Joe Rollino is one such example.
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