Protest Songs

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Re: Protest Songs

Postby Rachel » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:21 pm

My Dear, everyone has white hot rage about something, unfortunately.

I find it quite abhorrent that in the shame, blame and scare tactics routinely employed by Governments across the globe; we are freezing the next generations with the terror of 'Tomorrow'.

Your Youth is Yours.

Your Life is Yours.

If there is anything to be learned from the generations before you, Ms Chiara/Lara; it's that Life is not Political Catchphrases like Ecology, Zeitgiest [b]and Carbon Footprint.[/b]Your Life, is whatever you want it to be.

There is Hope, there's always been Hope. Its in the cyclical nature of climate change (not 'climate change' as a catchcry..but the climate changing); it's in the fresh ideas and beauty that your generation will find in this world, its the hope that perhaps You, Ms Chiara/Lara, perhaps it is YOU who will discover the cure for metastisised cancers and therefore change the world, forever.

It is the Hope that your children's children may know a world with no gender, social, intellectual or fiscal inequality. That perhaps jealousy, greed, envy and self doubt may not reign supreme over who is HEARD and who is DISCARDED amidst a puffy cloud of ill educated, half baked adjectival drivvel.

It is the Hope that just one, thing, a garden patch, a redeemed social condition or a smiling child may have breathed easier because YOU have lived...that is the hope I thought we, as humans, all have (Waldo Emerson, 1956).

For if you listen to the mega phones of repetitive political catchcries, man/women/child/refugee/black/white/indigenous/mobility/intellectually/fiscally/verbally challenged...honestly, I don't think I could be bothered getting out of bed at all.

You're young, beautiful, intelligent and free. Never, ever forget that. Please.

Be as happy as you can possible be. :D
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