Plants & Feelings

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Plants & Feelings

Postby Sabina » Sat May 01, 2010 8:43 pm

I am speechless... please watch this! It is beautiful.

Mimosa Pudica - The Sensitive Plant
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Re: Plants & Feelings

Postby mirjana » Sat May 01, 2010 10:08 pm

Sabina, yes this is really beautiful. I would like if I could have seen more of different kind of touches so that we could enjoy more of Mimosa’s reaction to love and caress. The whole video is a serious warning to think twice before acting aggressively toward anything that is the creation of nature.
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Re: Plants & Feelings

Postby Ryan » Sun May 02, 2010 1:30 am

Wow!! Amazing!

You know...? I once heard a story about how a person stopped eating meat because of how a book made them realize the suffering of an animal as it was being slaughtered... and I thought... well plants are alive, they feel. Why don't they stop eating them too? I am sure the plants suffer and probably for a longer duration after being uprooted that an animal being slaughtered. I then thought that... is it really just because a plant doesn't scream, that its blood is not like ours, and it doesn't flop around as it dies that it helps ease the conscience of others and therefore they just don't feel bad when eating vegetation? Wouldn't it be safe to say that monkeys and apes are generally not an accepted food because we relate them closely to ourselves? Cats and dogs are not food because we have taken them into our homes and made them part of the family... so they are not on the grocery list (not in most countries anyway), right?

If you take sunflowers... that obviously see and follow the sun across the sky, vines that reach out and feel for something to hold onto as they grow and climb, or even possibly the controversial walking palm... and realize that plants just do things at a slower rate and therefore maybe their screams of pain and agony are just at a frequency at which our ears cannot hear, or eyes do not see, does it really make anything better? Isn't eating plants as food just as cruel (and maybe even more so since plants cannot be simply killed by putting a bullet in their head)?

I know the largest argument in response is the living conditions of the animals... that is the atrocity that they won't support through eating meat. I for one have been around a lot of cattle growing up... I have never seen cattle being raised in small, confined, filthy environments... I am sure that it is that way in some places (especially in some places that do not have a lot of land to subsidize to the raising of livestock) but I know it is not all like that... and therefore when we choose to condemn things we tend to exaggerate to make the point. So, through showing the absolute worst conditions in which livestock is being raised people are just exaggerating to make a point and that is completely natural and understandable. But because some places raise animals like that does not make it a standard. So because nobody has found, or cared to try to find, a way to show how and why plants are suffering with all the chemical supplements, cramped growing conditions because weather is a countries factor and therefore plants must be grown in greenhouses or hydroponic systems, and maybe even artificial lighting in the environments they are grown... does it make it OK? Or does it just allow us to view the plant from a point where "it is green, it produced its fruit" and therefore come to the reassuring conclusion that it is not suffering... "look it is healthy".

Do we choose to off color one and ignore the possibilities that it is equally atrocious to cultivate and harvest both plants and animals just out of a fundamental survival instinct? We have to eat something, and we eat living things because it is the exchange of energy of one living thing to another through the process of consumption and ingestion... so if both are equally as bad and we reject them both... we die... which to we pick to exploit? The one that is the least problematic? The one that allows us to distance ourselves from the pain and suffering?

Maybe it is a sign that both, as an industry, are equally faulty... neither are natural ways... both plant and animal are imprisoned and condemned a life of slavery for our benefit... and what is the point of rejecting one in place of another? By removing meat from our diets, don't we just tend to need more of the other and therefore contribute more to the suffering of plants than animals?

Just a thought...
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