Plants, Nature and Healing

By Sabina

Plants, Nature and Healing

Postby Sabina » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:00 am

There is a new goodie on Deep Spirits. Here is the why and the how.

My interest in plants started when I was about 15 (many things started when I was 15), but back then it was mainly Bonsai trees. I was completely fascinated with them and eventually had 3 or 4 beautiful Bonsais that I cared for.

I am allergic to painkillers. I can't take most of them. With time I decided not to take any, except in extreme cases - maybe. I learned to deal with pain and minimize it, not feel as much pain.
People have accidents sometimes and in extreme cases the body is under shock, hence protecting the whole system from experiencing the pain to its full extent. So it is possible, under certain circumstances, to not feel any pain, regardless of how extreme the wound.... so, I concluded that a lot of the pain can be "removed" with the mind, and that works.

I've had some experiences with doctors, like anyone else, I guess. Some of them were great, some weren't as good as others. In some instances a doctor is necessary, but a lot of the times it is about easing the "suffering" while the body is healing, or small treatments to help the body heal.
Most medications are at the very least based on nature and expanded on, experimented on, which is ok. Most medications have all kinds of side effects. I never liked those...
I don't have a problem with medicine or doctors in general, but I do know that many things, maybe even most things, can be cured in two ways:
- By allowing the body to heal itself, and
- With the help of natural substances

Some people hear that a plant can do this or that, and think, maybe even unconsciously, that yeah.. maybe it can help a little, but it's not so powerful.
But at other times the same people will talk about certain (other) natural substances and how they should be forbidden, because they are too powerful, and therefore too dangerous.
It doesn't take a mastermind to add up two and two.
Nature has answers to almost any question, if we only know where to look.

My curiosity and love for plants have grown over the years and I am also in the habit of treating myself in a natural way, if or when problems occur.

The Natural World section is dedicated to nature in general, but now there is a new sub-section called [url=]Herbalist's Essentials[/url].

It is a start.
It's a guide and an alphabetically organized reference when help is needed quickly. With time it will become a remarkable database of natural medicine. A place to easily find the right natural remedy for almost any common ailment.
There will also be a search function for only that section.

Here is the address: [url][/url]

Your thoughts, opinions, questions, or any kind of feedback are most welcome!!

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Re: Plants, Nature and Healing

Postby mirjana » Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:08 pm

If there is a plant I consider it to be interesting for this how I shall put it there or elsewhere?
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