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Postby Sabina » Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:37 am

Video of pigeon solving Wolfgang Köhler's famous "banana in the box" problem:


Video clip of B. F. Skinner's pigeons playing ping-pong:

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Re: Pigeons

Postby mirjana » Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:50 pm

Hi Sabina,

I love pigeons very much and have lot of beautiful experiences of the kind you presented here. Thank you for bringing them to me again.
When I was a student I was at the sea side with a group of friends and we stayed in one house where we rented an apartment. The day we came, I saw a pigeon trapped in a small box the size of a shoe box. I was shocked with an idea to keep the bird in such a small cage and I asked clarifications. They told me that that pigeon is attached to the house but does not care about the hygiene rules and that was the way to protect themselves. I explained that I can not stay in their house if the pigeon is imprisoned, and that we shall find another place. It was enough for them to tell me that I can open the box and let it free, which I did. From that moment on that pigeon and I developed such an emotional relationship, full of tenderness that I still today get chills when remembering that. He stayed from the very first moment on my shoulder although I didn´t show him any instructions.
Each morning he would come and knock on my window until I opened the window and let him inside. He would then come to my shoulder, cooing and putting his head around my ears. All the time I would also talk to him, caressing him.
On my way to the beach, he would go with me all way long, and when I would be there he would turn back so that I would find him again on the road wall waiting for me when I was turning back.
All this experience, which was full of tenderness and a very strange feeling of love has shown to me one more time that people have so many prejudices about animals limiting their abilities in all possible aspects.
I used to have dogs, sheep, horse and now I have two cats. All experiences with these animals have proven to me that they give back love and affection, gratitude and tenderness very often more pure than we people are able to. Even sheep that are considered to be dumb. They are not, if treated differently. As we had sheep in France on our propriety the time back, and we didn´t kill them, but kept them free in the huge prairie where they had enough food and water. Our compatibility was in the sense that they were free and not threatened to be used as meat and they kept grass in our prairie so that it was not necessary to take care of it. Thanks to these circumstances, they have shown such communication skills in every day life, that our French friends were very surprised.

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