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Performance Art

Postby Sabina » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:09 pm

I wasn't sure where to put this... the page I found this on said "Watch a Group of Japanese Men Travel in Fake Slow Motion", but it's not just slow motion, it is also reminiscent of video games, and it's a kind of dance and it's freaky weird, and definitely quite artistic.
The music is not my kind of music, but that is irrelevant for the performance.


The group is called "World Order" and the performance "Mind Shift".

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Re: Performance Art

Postby Jade » Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:18 pm

The music can be muted, in fact I'd recommend that. ;0)
Makes a pretty cool video then.
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Re: Performance Art

Postby mirjana » Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:28 pm

Sabina, this is almost like a kinetic sculpture. =0D
I followed Jade's advice and muted the music. It is really great. I have always liked pantomimic movements and this is a kind of that too. Very, very nice.
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