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Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:32 am
by Sabina
We are given life in order to find, experience, and give love. To live is to love.

The first place for most people to experience love is their parents' home.
That may be fulfilling to some extent and possibly help us to better define what it is we are after - our mission. Some discover this through the love they receive, others discover the same thing through the lack of love.
Next is, in most cases, friendship, camaraderie. Childhood connections that allow us to experience love on a new and different level.
Then comes romantic love, the first heart-ache, the first physical attraction and connection.
The intensity and uncertainty of this path to love often makes it seem more worthwhile, more life-defining and hence more important.
After that, some discover the love for a child, that shifts everything to a whole new level once again.
As we grow older, our ability to recognize and understand love grows as well.

So, what happens next?
Is the growth meant to stop or possibly come to a standstill? To allow us to only further explore the existing connections and paths to love? Or is there something else for us to discover?
Perhaps that something isn't as common and as well defined by society as the obvious "next step" of adulthood, but I believe it is there none the less.

I believe it is that quest for love that we have in common as well, regardless of our familiarity with love up to this point. So the question is, what is the next step on the evolutionary ladder of and to love, in your opinion?


Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:47 pm
by theadvertheretic
[color=#5f0000] To all the tributes to Love. Against age and time![/color]

Love to me right now is my love for my mind,
Sitting by the dawn falling on my face -
Bob Dylan streaming in my ears and teary eyes.
And so is my path, flirting with the idea of being the Maheep I am for quite some time.

[color=#3b0051]"I gave her my heart, she wanted my soul -
Don't think twice it's alright!" [/color]

Have a beautiful evening all of you. =0)

Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:49 pm
by dermot
Not sure what my answer is yet, but we shall see!

Paths to Love, i remember as an adolescent thinking i absolutely knew what Love was, and it certaintly was'nt what my peers were looking for. I had this deep deep understanding of the nature of love, and i was right. Growing up was a sobering experience in that it seemed most people accepted Love was less than i thought it was. I couldnt really accept that.

My feelings have remained the same, and i have been frustrated many times, but always felt i knew what i was looking for. Some years ago i started reading Deepak Chopra and Erkhart Tolle, the wisdom of connecting Love, Beauty and Truth with actually living rang really true to i strive to do that, sometimes i achieve it.

I am going off the point, i think the challenge is to live in Love, to be Love. Discovering creativity and using our innate gifts to the benefit of others is a challenge..

Im going to think about this some more and come back!

Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:25 pm
by mirjana
This is great topic Sabina as it calls us to reflect the evolution of this emotion over our lives and to see where it brought us so that we know where we are in this moment. Great way for working on knowing and understanding self. <3

You started exactly with this understanding and gave already few points in that direction and, as you said, this topic is to turn back to it with each new revelation about it.
I wanted to just give energy of noticing this topic and I shall turn back with my little Love Path Evolution. First I have to finish numerology report for Maheep. =0/


Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:20 pm
by Randall
[quote]So the question is, what is the next step on the evolutionary ladder of and to love, in your opinion?

a true communion with all things.....

A favorite quote: [quote]12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Chorinthians 13 The Apostle Paul

Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:43 pm
by Randall
Dermot, I can totally relate to your entire post.

[quote]i think the challenge is to live in Love, to be Love.
I'm with you all the way in this.

I posted this else where: [quote]Should two people come together and share the fullness of self from one to the other, nothing on this earth will ever be the same. That is what I believe we have a chance of. Total acceptance and complete sharing, from one to the other is the end of fear on this plane of existence. The physical and the spirit both will be whole and we will explore what it means to grow in love.

This... its my passion, my purpose, my motivation. A few years ago I had a heart attack and in order to help myself heal from it I had to find MY reason for being. I'd lived a life that was based on what I could do for others and sourced myself from that place. My reason for being here was to help people. I realized that to heal I had to have something that kept me here that was for ME and didn't rely on others. This idea is my reason..... to have this fullness.

Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:57 pm
by mirjana
My Story of Love

As long as I can remember Love has always been a central theme of my life. It had many faces, joy of living, love for closest people, as the next love for fewer close until realizing that even in the short moment it is possible to feel close and feel love toward almost unknown person. I loved sport, dancing, reading, music, writing, animals, plants, stones, water and nature as the whole without knowing all what now is discussed as a feeling of being one with everything.
With my first fall in love I became aware of the depth of passion related to another human being. With passion it came knowing the opposite of love, anger, fear to lose, to not be loved… I thought it was important for another to know me and how I am, what I can and for the most how much I can love. If that was not understood or even worse, if it was rejected I felt sadness, pain, sorrow and resentment, not being aware how beautifully I have been learning to really know Love.
All this time, deep inside of me there was a feeling that all what I do was more to show who I am to others and to be recognized. If loved, so much better.
With love of my life and with children this feeling evolve into something what has been close to the word unconditional, although in the background, all the time it is my personality who is observing and judging everything, myself, others.
Duality as a concept was more conceptual than I could imagine and I realized that only when I was for the first time faced with the moment of blissful unison with everything, which happened ten years ago.
After that a new evolution of approach to love started and I have been still in this beautiful evolving.
What does it mean to me?
When love is the state of consciousness, which means a permanent state of how one approach life as the whole and all its particles, then, I think, one is loving love in her/his life. In order to achieve this state one first need to knows self and another as we are, naked in our simplicity and to be able to accept this as it is. In that moment there is no fear as there are not conditions to be fulfilled or jury to judge if they are or not.
"And when does a man do not submit himself to the hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence?

Its only when he recognizes that his true identity is free from any kind of prejudice or bias. When he realize the presence of the same consciousness of self in everybody. It's only after realization of self, that we find the presence of one divinity in everybody."
Albert Einstein

Whatever helps so that we transcend the mind and contact this higher entity 'self' so that we can realize the calm and serenity of a focused and peaceful part in ourselves, this will help us to come closer to the state of pure Love. Pure Love is not for this or that, it just IS. You are that or not.
When we are in love we are passionately present into the moment, and aware of self and another, aware of impact that we have on each other and the unity we make because of that. We become witnesses to each other’s life and it helps us to love self and another the same time and the same way. There is no separation. We both become love.
When we are able to love like that everyone and everything passionately, which means to love passionately life, we become love.
This song is a romantic one. But if you imagine that the same words are dedicated to life as the Lover, here you are, in the never-ending bliss of Love where the blind can dance.[/color]
[flash=425,344]"></param><param name=[/flash]

It seems that we all agree about that we are here to live Love.


Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:04 am
by alija
What are we missing the most today?

Most probably we’ll agree, all of us, without thinking too long. We would agree the Love is what we need, what this world is missing the most. “All you need is Love” beautiful Beatles’ song. So many poems written, so many books, so many movies made about Love. As long as we have a written traces about existence on the earth, man was craving for Love.

And what do we have in this world the most? I am sure again, we are easily going to agree, the hatred, the animosity is what we have in surplus all over this beautiful world.

So, let’s now confront these two energy states, these two emotions as the opposites, let’s consider them as a dichotomy, in spite of official statement Love is opposite to Fear. Maybe on some, much deeper level fears are cause of any kind of problems including the lack of [url=]Love[/url].

I knew, even when I was very young, I knew something is wrong with this world, something is so false in the human communication, in the choice of words we use from the simplest communication up to the most sophisticated diplomatic dialogues.

I recognized lies and falsehood in the most of communications I was present to.
Very common family talks, parents-children, almost any conversation among the people above the age of 15-20 years is full of falsehood and lies. Falshood and lies and Love do not go together, at all. Children are free of this unpleasant stuff. Why is it so; what is forcing us not to be honest, what is forcing us to lie?

I think, on the first blink, our foundations and our basic principles of the existence must be very wrong leading us into the world into the life of and with so many lies. However, I do not believe these foundations of life are what we inherited from our pro-progenitors. No, I agree with [url=]Jean Baptist Lamarck[/url], I believe our, human software has got a built in an intrinsic tendency, need for our improvement and development toward the higher level of consciousness. But, our software was modified few millennia back, I guess, and we got a bug. What kind of bug and where to look for this bug that is the question now?

One of the possible places could be our collective subconscious. Somebody put into our collective subconscious, database one enormous bug, but in the same time, very logical one and very difficult to recognize its true nature, somebody put the need for written and spoken word of Love.
By forcing humans to use the word of Love in situations where totally different, much lover energies were in games humans got confused. In situations where everyday’s common needs like acceptance, non-judgment, interpersonal attraction, affection, attachment, interpersonal relationship and similar were expressed, the wrong words have been used. People went applying words without knowing their real meanings. This was the case with the word “Love” which should be written with capital L and by such an enormous misuse and at the end abuse of the term Love, we love anything and everything, the energy of this word lost on her importance, got worn-out and the world lost the Love energy. Somebody degraded one of the highest goals in human life, achievement of the state of Love energy. In order not to forget the real meaning of the word Love we made even bigger mistake adding an adjective in front of Love, and we got the expression unconditional Love. We got one expression which serves to nobody and to nothing.

Why don’t we stop naming some deceiving states of mind like affection or need for propagation, sex, why don’t we give them their true names? Why don’t we stop deceiving ourselves or why are we forcing the others to lie in order to satisfy our little, conditioned self?
This is the biggest catch most probably installed by the religion, in my opinion, but you may find some other, maybe more reasonable causes.
The religions came with god who Loves us, who sacrificed his son for us and the bug was spread, the bug was installed very, very deep into the collective subconscious.
Love energy is very potential one, very rarity in this world of lies and hatred.
But, let’s think a bit deeper in an opposite direction.

Why don’t we use the word hatred in any situation we experience this feeling, this energy. No, we have no courage to say, I hate you, because it is something this false culture doesn’t evaluate. To show the negative emotions is not allowed in the false society; you have to be good. We are forgetting that whatever we resist to it persists. We are forgetting we live in the world of dichotomies, dualistic world. By hiding some facts we are not improving, we are deteriorating; we are giving our contribution to the world of non acceptance.

So, we developed very efficient system in which by devaluating and abusing the word Love we destroyed the energy of Love and by suppression of true, human feelings we are creating negative energies which are becoming the real threat to the whole world.

What is the saddest thing, we all believe if we do not show our negative emotions they do not exist, they will not be registered, and we are good, safe and good. We are forgetting we are energy, just part of the bigger energy field which is being modeled, recreated, and modified all according to our energy states.
Please do not misunderstand me; I do not mean we are influencing the life on Mars or some distant galaxies by our negative energies. No, we are directly influencing energy fields on the earth which sustain the life on the earth, which enable our existence, development or decay. Everything is in our hands and our interface communicating with these fields. Are we going to recognize it or not, it’s up to us.
Namaste and Love

Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:16 am
by Sabina
Well... I think there is a lot more love in this world than what may be visible on the surface, and by "love" I am not referring to superficial pleasantries of any sort.
I think we are love, in essence, and that what we truly are may simply be buried underneath of various clutter, at least in many cases.
We are born with it and that is why it is more obvious in children - and not all children either... by the way. Some children show their meanness very quickly, others never do.
The differences between them are of less importance at the moment.
The point is that we are all love in essence.
So.. what needs to be done is remove the clutter and allow the essence to shine.
First your own, and then hope that your light will inspire others and help them get to their essence, and so on.
I see no other way.
Recognizing light is very important in my opinion. It is essential. =0)


Re: Paths to Love

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:50 am
by Leahann

What an interesting idea on this...I've heard similar ones before, but not quite in this manner.

I'd never thought of the condition of our worlds emotions as being perhaps a virus planted into the collective consciousness before.

I'm not sure if I'd agree or not, but it is food for thought.

Also, I can see some reason within some of the other things you were saying about how words have lost their true meaning and the energy behind them seems almost lost on us...that is something of interest.

Thank you for sharing this with gives me something more to consider.

Leahann =0)