Palm leaf reading

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Palm leaf reading

Postby Sabina » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:57 pm

Mirjana mentioned palm leaf reading in another topic ( [url=]Death and future[/url] ) and I have found some information about it. It is also called Nadi astrology, which is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India.
[quote="Wikipedia"]It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient times and written down as Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

Here is an example of a Tamil palm leaf manuscript: [url=]Sample[/url]

I have also come across a page which describes the step by step process of receives one's palm leaf, so I will include that as well (source referenced below).


Surely you have heard of fate. You may not believe in it but you have come across the concept; destiny, chance, circumstance, predestination by any other name. We have them in many forms here - the destiny readers, at least that is their claim, whether they sit with a parrot by the sidewalk, or are famous astrologers and/or palm readers. There is another group or sect and they are called the naadi-shastra people. When I heard that term my first association was of some one, who takes hold of my pulse and tells me all that I can only listen to within, in my most silent moments with myself. But, I was told that there was a certain reader who sat under a particular tree and one could go and meet him and he would look at you and fish out a leaf from his jhola (long cloth bag) which held your destiny. As it turned out that is not how they function either.

[size=150]Destiny of every person written on palm leaf[/size]

Their theory is that Agastya Rishi of the times long gone by, had once forecast all that would occur, not just the earth shattering events of great wars and natural calamities but the nitty-gritty of day to day living, as in the lives of men and women. Not only did he see this entire unfolding of events, but he also wrote this down on palm-leaves - one for each person’s identity, and twelve more for other detailed aspects of their lives. Now that is mind boggling indeed, how did he do that? Did he have a magic pen that wrote as quick as his thoughts, which anyway were much faster and more intense than anything we know? Or did his thoughts manifest as they were created and we are living in just one possibility of that entire range of creation? But here I am jumping frameworks. So let me stay with Agastya Rishi and his seemingly magical abilities. No matter how he did it, it is contended that he wrote the destiny of each and every person that would be destined to come to the palm leaf readers! Now is that a convoluted argument or a tautology? Anyhow, so these naadi-shastra people have the palm leaves with our entire destinies mapped out for us i.e. those lucky enough to believe or to be willing to try out this stuff.

[size=150]How is it done:[/size]

Now the scenario of how the reading unfolds: What happens is - you go to the appointed place at the appointed time (as you are destined to) and you say you have come for your reading. You do not give your name or any other identification signs, like your address or who referred you to them etc. etc. They in turn will take your thumb impression (oh are they illiterate then? No dummy if you put your signature you are giving out your name or your initials, however indecipherable you might think your writing is). So this is rather like a cheap whodunit or a visit to a detective agency where you want to carry out your business incognito. They disappear with the thumb impression behind the curtains and after a while maybe an hour or a half later, they reappear with a few bundles of what they tell you are the palm leaves that match your thumb print.

[size=150]Predicting your future:[/size]

Now the task can be an arduous one. You go with one of their members into a room where you sit opposite this person. He opens the bundle and starts reading out. You need to pay close attention to what he says or rather to what he translates for the reading out is in Tamil. After reading out each statement he will verify whether the information there is in fact valid for you. You only have to answer with a yes or a no. You need to refrain from giving any further clarifications and/or justifications. The moment he comes across a piece of information that is inaccurate in your case that leaf is discarded and he moves on to the next one. Thus you proceed through each of the leaves and the bundles until you hit the one that is yours. Typically it has your name, your parents name, your spouse/partner’s name, your siblings’ name(s) and other details about yourself, for example, where you were born, at what time, under what circumstances, present details of profession/occupation etc. etc.

Once your leaf has been identified you are asked to wait again. This was the mystifying part for me. If they had found my leaf all they had to do was read it out to me, but for some reasons it takes them a while to work out the logistics of one person reading the leaf and another translating and recording what is being said into a language of your preference. Mercifully then you need not strain yourself to remember all the things that are being told to you. Other significant events are delineated both from your past and from your future. This is the gist of predictions of all the twelve houses. You are given this tape and a notebook, which contains in writing that which was read out for you. That comprises the general chapter predictions of the palm leaf reading of your destiny.

Then there are certain other chapters, corresponding to the houses of the astrological chart, pertaining to various aspects of one’s lives eg. Money, family, marriage, sibling relationships, love, health and longevity, each parent, profession, further studies next birth and attainment of salvation, etc. There are also two remedial chapters whereby you can correct the mistakes you made in this or some past life by atoning for your sins by visiting temples and/or giving alms. One of the chapters requires you to do the needful yourself and the other allows for the prayers/ceremonies to be done on your behalf by a priest in their order at your request.

[size=150]How much to pay:[/size]

Their fees are fixed viz. Rs 525 for the first chapter and Rs. 300 each for any of the other chapters.


[size=85]Source: [url][/url][/size]

Another text about palm-leaf manuscripts in general says
[color=#594500]"Once written down, each document had a limited time before which the document had to be copied onto new sets of dried palm leaves. With the introduction of printing presses in the early 19th century this cycle of copying from palm leaves came to an end."[/color]
I am not sure how this fits into the story of the palm leaf readers. They copy everyone's palm leaves onto new palm leaves every so often, and that for billions of people, or how does that work? What are your thoughts??

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Re: Palm leaf reading

Postby mirjana » Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:56 pm

Thank you Sabina for this short study about the subject. I have never put so much thought and effort into it. When I heard about it the time back, from the personal experience of a guy to whom it seemed I could believe, it has already sounded like science fiction.
I didn´t hear all these details about thumb impressions... When one hears that , especially with today's´ technique, it immediately calls to doubt. The only question that appears then is that the whole thing exists for much longer period of time than this sophisticated machinery that eventually could be used behind the curtains. How did it work then?
Personally in such matters I can share information I have also heard and tell the source like I did, the same as you did here, and everything else is up to the personal conclusions and stand point.
In that sense I am also curious about this topic if anybody will bring more light about it.
It would be nice if Pineal reads about it here, as maybe he could know a bit more about it. I am also very curious...

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Re: Palm leaf reading

Postby pineal » Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:49 am

[color=#4e006b]Hi Mirjana / Sabina,

Sabina Explained the palm leaf reading perfectly. it is called 'nadi'.

They perfectly tell your past ( i have gone for that reading once). Future, i don't think they are perfect (in my case they have failed, i have got it done some 10 years back and nothing has come true). I have already told you that the future is a set of probabilities.

With Love

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Re: Palm leaf reading-A Big Hoax

Postby ravindrra » Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:37 am

I had visited Naadi Astrologer Agathiyar Durai Subburathinam at Sri Kousiha Agathiya, Mahasiva Vaakiya Naadi Jothida Nilayam, West Tambaram, Chennai, India in December, 2008. They found my palm leaf after asking around 10-15 questions. The past and the present were 100% accurate with they telling me the names and professions of my siblings, wife etc. They even made my birth chart and it matched with the actual one I have. I was astonished. But the predictions for the future were all wrong i.e. 95% wrong.

They asked me to visit 6 temples in the south and I spent 2 days visiting them and doing the pariharams. They took around Rs.9000/- from me to do a puja for me which they said would continue for a year and that they would send me a yantra by post on completion of the puja which I had to worship everyday for the complete removal of my problem. They also took Rs. 3000/- plus puja materials for Guru Deeksha.

Now it is more than 19 months and I have not received any yantra inspite of making many phone calls. They have a strategy. They send you some bhubhuti/ash and vermillion/tika 3 times during the puja year and write that the puja is continuing so that you rest assured throughout the year that your puja is being done and that you will get your yantra after the year ends. But all goes in vain. They spend Rs. 100/- out of the Rs. 9000/- you have given them in sending you the tika.

I have their recorded cassette and hand written notebook with me and everything is predicted wrongly. My naadi reader was Raja Sakthivelu and inspite of my calls, he has not bothered to send my yantra. I am sure there has been no puja performed and they fleece people in the name of Lord Shiva. Now I have stopped calling them becos there is no point wasting more money on the calls. I even wasted a couple of thousands more in the taxi they arranged for me to take me around the temples for two days.

I have the details of the payment I made to them for the said puja.

I was made to understand that this was the most genuine naadi
centre in the world. How can one dupe people of their hard earned money in the name of God when they should know clearly that all this fraud would ultimately harm them? How long can you deceive God? I have left it now on God to give them their deserved punishment. One surprising thing is that these naadi readers themselves know that the future they read is not true. Still, they dupe people.

One thing I have noted that this naadi shastra is akin to the Bhrigu Samhita which can also accurately tell your past and present but not the future. I had visited Bhrigu Ashram long time back but they did not fleece me. The Panditji was a genuine person and advised me pujas to be done at home by any knowledgeable acharya I could find in my city. He was not aware that he was duping people as he had full faith in the book. Nothing in the case of Bhrigu Samhita also came out true in the last 15 years.

This Naadi thing, based on my and my friend’s experience is the biggest fraud perpetrated in the name of Lord Shiva by these people. I pray He shoves his Trident up theirs soon.

My advice to all is to never visit such centres anywhere unless you want to feel lighter by hundreds of dollars. The main thing is not the money but their malicious intent which troubles the mind.

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Re: Palm leaf reading

Postby dermot » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:33 pm

Oh dear.....the story is amazing, but im laughing heartily at your description of what they should do with the Trident...priceless! (sorry).
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Re: Palm leaf reading

Postby mirjana » Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:06 am

Sad story indeed. =0( Thank you for posting it here.
I like how Dermot explained his expressions about the whole.
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