One Month In

By Agate

One Month In

Postby Agate » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:06 pm

Wow. It's been a whole month of no-meat-for-me.

It's weird how it still feels like everything has changed, yet is still the same. Yes, making this change and sticking to it has been a challenge...but it hasn't been hard.

There have been a few rough moments. Cravings were a b***h the first couple weeks. Hearing that the place I'd planned to go for a celebratory meal didn't have a single vegetarian entree was rough. Having to decide whether it was more worthwhile to go hungry or "just" at church on Sunday was a challenge. And the sheer number of commercials featuring hamburgers, steak, and BBQ ribs STILL make me want to cry!

But I'm coping and it keeps getting easier.

Daisy now is on the lookout for vegetarian cookbooks. I don't think she quite understands that I've got a mountain of recipes bookmarked and really don't have room for any more cookbooks...but with her more than most it really is the thought that counts. I think spending the weekend with me eased her mind that I'm eating a balanced diet despite eliminating meat.

My friend Sunshine was delighted when I told her about this change; if nothing else it means there will be TWO vegetarians sitting at her table next Christmas! Having her on my side is huge, because she had to go veggie for medical reasons; by now she knows all kinds of interesting ways to dine sans meat.

Mom and Dad still haven't caught on, but that's pretty much what I expected. As it stands, me and Sunshine have a wager going as to when they'll figure it out. (I still say September at the earliest, and possibly not 'till near Halloween.)

Two big hurdles and a small one are coming up next week. The big ones both are medical. One is because I'm on blood thinners and haven't gotten those levels checked since the first week in June. I quit eating meat in the second week. So it will be interesting to see how the dietary change has affected that. I don't think the gal who does my bloodwork will give me a lecture...but I do think my news will take her by surprise. I also figure we'll have to tinker with my dose again 'cause I'm bruising like nobody's business.

The other biggie is seeing my psychiatrist. He really got on me for my weight last time I saw him. It was bad enough that I didn't eat for two full days after my last appointment. I'm not looking forward to this one. On the one hand, I think he'll be glad to hear that I'm taking a more proactive approach toward my health...on the other I've got reason to believe he's going to start tinkering with my meds again. *sigh*

The only other challenge in the immediate future is the weekly study-and-potluck at church. That is really just a matter of making sure I bring something I can eat, though I'm kind of wondering how long it'll take any of them to notice I never eat meat.

So yeah. That's where I am one month in. Loving the journey...and still full of beans!
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re: One Month In

Postby mirjana » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:30 pm

Dear Agate,
Thank you for these lines? Why? By reading them I became aware how difficult it is to live in the surrounding that has so little understanding for something which is different than the general approach or way of living. It helped me to become aware that I was not enough grateful to my surrounding that haven't been shocked or anything like that the time back when I started being vegetarian. I figured out that it must have been easier for me than it is today for you. But, that makes your decision and persistence more personal as defending your life and personal choices and I think that after a longer time you will hug with a great joy all these days.
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