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New Harmony 1838

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:24 pm
by Sabina
A bird's eye view of a community in New Harmony, Indiana, United States, as proposed by Robert Owen. Engraving by F. Bate, London 1838.

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Inscribed at the bottom of the plate:

A Bird's Eye View of a Community, as proposed by Robert Owen is respectfully dedicated to the following classes of society:

    To the Landowners, as being the only means whereby their Estates can be rendered permanently productive, and their Rents secure.

    To the Capitalists, as offering the safest speculation, and most gratifying ways of investing their surplus Capital, without risk of failure.

    To the Clergy, and Instructors of Mankind, as the only and speedy means of bringing about that great desideratum they have so much at heart, namely, the suppression of Vice & Error, by the removal of the causes of Crime (Ignorance & Poverty), the dissemination of Truth, & the establishment of Virtue.

    To the industrious Wealth Producers, as affording the only arrangements, whereby they can secure their true and rightful position in Society, and the just & honest participation in the Wealth created by their talents and industry.

    And lastly, to the Government of the British Empire, shewing the arrangements, whereby the duties of Government may be rendered safe, easy, and delightful, instead of as heretofore, being one of danger, difficulty, error, confusion and disatisfaction.

[size=85]N.B. for further details consult the Works of Owen, Thompson, Combe, Morgan &c. Sold with a woodengraving of the same scene.[/size]

Re: New Harmony 1838

PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:37 am
by mirjana
Interestingly all ideas, old as well as new ones, that try to describe ideal societies, put them on the isolated place, strictly bordered(island, fortress...) and with certain rules that are to be held or followed in order to make this possible. What follows logically is that only selected group or groups of people can live there and all others are then enemies or threatening forces. So, it seems that we are not far away from the idea of Last Supper movie.
And then, the next association I have is the garden of roses that are beautifully arranged and taken care of and as the opposite the field with many different colours flowers filling my nostrils with beautiful mixture of different fragrances.
I would always chose the field.
Maybe the field for which we would all care in order to keep this natural fragrance will be the best.
How able we are to do it is clear when we see what we, people, have done to The Earth. The Key?
I do not think that isolation serves, but doing the best personally to provoke and influence changes.

Re: New Harmony 1838

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:34 pm
by Sabina
I wouldn't necessarily say that we are close to the idea of [url=]the Last Supper[/url] movie, but rather to Plato's quotation which started the [url=]Good people/bad people[/url] topic.

[quote="Plato"]"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly,
while bad people will find a way around the laws."

Doesn't it make sense, in a way, to assume that such a place could only flourish if it were to be inhabited with "good people"?
Laws can be broken, and according to Plato, imposing laws won't make much of a difference, so with that in mind the isolation of such a society does make sense.
Like New Zealand is isolated.. you know... :)

But does it have to be isolated?