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Movie Recommendation

Postby mirjana » Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:37 pm

Tonight I have watched a Greek movie “A Touch of Spice”, directed by Tassos Boulmetis and released in 2003. The movie uses food as a metaphor for marriage, astronomy, even politics.It is structured like a meal in three segments: “appetizer, or meze” “main course” and “Cookies”.
It is a story about a young Greek boy Fanis, who is growing up in Istanbul. His grandfather, who is a culinary philosopher, teaches him that both food and life require a touch of spice. After his family is deported from Istanbul to Greece he grows up to become excellent cook and astrophysics, uniting these two just as his grandfather has taught him that gastronomy and astronomy have the same origin.
This is a movie with lot of spice and I can recommend it to give a warm touch of spice to one of your evenings.

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